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At some point, Nic Cage stopped being a normal, run of the mill Hollywood actor and became something else entirely. A phenomenon. A force of nature. The cultural zeitgeist personified. I'm not sure when this happened, but I guess it was some time around The Wicker Man.

Like any cultural icon, Cage has now been reimagined countless times through various works of fan art. Let's take a look at some of them below:

Nicolas Cage vs. Godzilla by WforWumbo

You will believe a cage can fly by DarthTerry

Cages attack by zarnala

Nicolas Cage by replaceface

No not the bees NOT THE BEES by BernyArrBee

Nicolas Cage by leomaia

Bring me the head of Nicolas Cage by HammersonHoek

Nicolas Cage Vampire Watercolor Art by olechka01

Nicolas-Cagemon vs. Pug-With-Hatmon by Wingza

Nicolas Cage by HendrikHermans

Cage is Love Cage is Life by bakki

Nicolas Cage Caricature by vsilva

Source: Dorkly


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