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With DC's forthcoming Suicide Squad seemingly adding a new cast-member every other day at the moment, it's perhaps not too surprising that a whole lot of the movie's casting news is starting to blur together into a free-form mass of famous actors playing relatively unknown DC roles.

The latest piece of casting, however, could well be set to change that particular pattern - as we may well just have seen the first steps in the arrival of a pretty huge character in the DC Cinematic Universe.

Y'see, Common - a.k.a. the multi-award winning rapper and actor born Lonnie Rashid Lynn - has reportedly (according to THR) been confirmed to be taking a role in Suicide Squad...and he might just be playing a fan-favorite.

So, Who's Common Going to Play?

Y'see, the thing is, there aren't a whole lot of major DC characters left to be cast - and when limited to the ones who could plausibly debut in Suicide Squad, the number goes down even further.

Which, combined with DC and Warner Bros' unwillingness to confirm exactly who Common'll be playing - and his fairly last-minute casting - might just suggest he's playing someone very particular...

Could Common Be Our New Green Lantern?

Specifically, the ever-popular version of the character, John Stewart, who's been heavily rumored to appear in the DCCU? Common was, after all, apparently set to play the character in the once-planned Justice League: Mortal - and the introduction of the final un-cast Justice League member in Suicide Squad would certainly add to the film's 'must-watch-ability.'

There are, though, a few other options:

If Suicide Squad Needs a Minor Hero, Could Common Be...Black Lightning?

Not exactly the most beloved - or editorially well treated - of DC characters, Black Lightning has spent much of his time in DC comics as a supporting character or guest star, with his solo titles typically being cancelled within a matter of months. Which could actually make the distinctly bad-ass and electrical-powered Lightning a perfect choice, should Suicide Squad need a lesser-known superhero to appear at some point.

A perhaps more obvious option, though?

Could Bronze Tiger Have Finally Been Cast?

A long-time Suicide Squad stalwart in the comics, the absence of Bronze Tiger from the movie-version was a surprise to many fans, with the anti-heroic martial artist having played a big part in the Squad's history.

Could Common, then, be set to bring the sort-of-hero to the big screen?

Only time, it seems - or a convenient leak - will tell...

What do you think, though?



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