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Varia Fedko-Blake

Warning: Spoilers up ahead!

With the final episodes of this season's The Vampire Diaries fast approaching, we are certainly in for a great deal of surprises.

In particular, it has been revealed that the finale will be leaping ahead with a spectacular flash-forward. Although we don't know that much yet, I suspect that the premonition sequence will give us an insight into what Elena Gilbert is up to.

The question is, what kind of state would we find her in? Will she be living as a human somewhere new?

Other sources claim that the flash-forward will heavily feature Matt Donovan. This is because in the last couple of episode, Mystic Falls is no longer a safe haven for him and I suggest he strongly considers doing a runner.

Alternatively, the leap forward would also shed light on how the other characters are dealing with Elena's departure.

Is death a possibility?

Or perhaps, death is a possibility. Yet, personally, I think this would be a slight disrespect to our favorite character, and to Nina Dobrev. After all, after her six season journey, isn't it a bit inadequate to just kill her off as if she did not matter all this time?

What do you think?



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