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After we learned that Kai was trapped with Lily Salvatore's desiccated bunch of vampire-witch hybrids, the first thought that jumped to everyone's mind was "will Kai become a Heretic too?"

Seeing as he is the right sort of witch to make becoming a hybrid possible, it just might happen, but there are also a few technicalities realting to the Gemini Coven that could prevent Kai being turned.

I've been pondering Kai's fate and below are some of the scenarios for how life in the 1903 prison world could pan out for the Gemini Leader:

Heretic Loophole

In order to be turned, Kai would have to die with vampire blood in his system which would in turn mean the entire Gemini Coven would be wiped out with him.

This, of course, could happen, but snatching a pregnant Jo away from Alaric seems pretty harsh even for The Vampire Diaries!

If indeed the writers do make some sort of loophole that allows Kai to become a heretic without hurting the coven, I doubt he would still be considered leader. The thought of the coven accepting a vampire/witch hybrid when even witches like Kai were considered evil is laughable.

Of course, Kai not being acknowledged as the leader means he could die without taking his entire family out with him, which brings me to...

An Undignified Death

Chris Wood has nabbed the leading character in the upcoming CW drama Cordon, so Kai's chances of survival into season seven are greatly diminished...

Being around when six ravenous vampires who haven't eaten for over a hundred years are unleashed is a recipe for a supremely undignified death for Kai and their witchy powers will definitely help them track him.

Let's just say I hope Kai can run fast...

A True Turning Point

While the heretics being unleashed into the world is obviously hazardous for Mystic Falls, this meaty storyline also has potential as a true turning point for Kai to leave his evil days behind him.

If Kai uses his status as the Gemini Coven leader to assemble the other mysterious members of the group and fights the Heretics alongside the Mystic Falls posse, his transformation into a decent individual would be complete.

In a way, it would be like getting Luke back...

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