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As I've mentioned in previous articles, Season of The Walking Dead may be over, but that only means that we can start the speculation and theories about what we can expect in Season 6! After receiving confirmation yesterday that filming is about to start on the new season, E! Online Spoiler Chat has also come out with the news of two new potential characters in the upcoming season!

In their round up of TV news and spoilers, one reader asked if there was any Walking Dead news to tide them over until October (when Season 6 premiers) to which writer Kristin Dos Santos replied with these juicy tidbits:

Get ready to meet Delvin, a new recurring character who is quite cynical and sarcastic. He's not angry, he just thinks people can be pretty dumb. Another new character we'll see early on is Tucker, a hardworker tough guy who values fairness.

Well, that just made things a lot more interesting! As far as I can tell (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong), but there aren't any characters in the comics that are named either Delvin or Tucker, so it will be interesting to see these two guys in the show (though they could possibly be renamed characters from the comic series, much like how Douglas became Deanna). Tucker sounds like someone who Constable Rick could possibly have an ally in, and if I'm honest Delvin seems like he'd fit right in with Eugene and Tara.

Season 5 saw a lot of new characters being introduced: Father Gabriel, Noah (RIP), Deanna, Jessie, Enid and Aaron being among the main, but with the season also taking away many of our favorite characters there seems to be room than ever before for the newbies of Alexandria to be introduced to audiences.

Jessie in Season 5 of The Walking Dead
Jessie in Season 5 of The Walking Dead

Season 6 will premier some time in October, but luckily before then we get to enjoy the debut of Fear the Walking Dead, the companion series to the show, based in LA.

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