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It's time we talked about all the little easter eggs that have been littered across the film. There will be spoilers.

Along with Baron Strucker, we are introduced to his right-hand man, Doctor List. List was introduced on [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](tag:722469) this week so it's great to finally have TV tie-ins in the film. List looks to be the big bad in the back half of Season 2 unless that shot he received from Iron Man was fatal.

Pepper Potts and Jane Foster both get mentions in this film, they appear to be doing their own thing with Pepper running Stark Industries and Jane gaining fame from her work with the Convergence in The Dark World. I was sort of hoping Tony broke up with Pepper but I don't think we'll be seeing her anytime soon anyway.

I was trying to find a comic book connection to Sokovia as people have mentioned but it appears there isn't. The twins' original country in the comics was Transia but that's about it.

One comic book nation got a mention. The nation of Wakanda, famous for its abundance of Vibranium and their leader, Black Panther. We didn't physically see it but it was mentioned by name and Klaw has a connection there. It seems the Wakandans even branded him for stealing some of their Vibranium.

Speaking of Klaw, did you notice that Ultron dismembered Klaw's arm? He seems to be following in the footsteps of his comic book counterpart with his arm most likely being replaced with his iconic "Claw".

In Thor's hallucination, the Infinity Stones already introduced show up. The Tesseract, the Aether, the Orb and the Scepter which has now turned yellow from the gem hidden inside it. Someone pointed out that the names of the stones spell out Thanos which does make a lot of sense. All we need is H and N (Soul and Time) (Green and Orange). The Infinty Gauntlet also shows up at the end with Thanos retrieving it so that arc is moving forward quickly.

Also in Thor's hallucination, is apparently Hel. Heimdall says Thor dragged them down there. This is either a reference to Ragnarok or Infinity War since there will probably be a lot of destruction in both of those films. The helmets on some of the people remind me of Hela, the ruler of Hel.

One of the more subtle easter eggs that I'm quite proud of finding is a reference to a less known comic book character. I couldn't find anything on Tony's new AI Friday apart from a spaceship but if you have a bit of a look when Tony picks out Friday's AI chip, you can see a few other AI chips, one name that stood out was Jocasta. In the comics, Jocasta was created by Ultron as a love interest but eventually turned on him. Jocasta has jumped between good and bad and was a brief member of the Avengers.

The satellite that carries the Hulkbuster suit is named Veronica. I assume this is a reference to the female character from the Archie comics. The other iconic female character in the comics was Betty. This might be a reference to Betty Ross, Bruce's love interest in The Incredible Hulk or I'm just looking too deep into it and Tony just has a strange sense of humour.

Sam Wilson talked to Cap about a "missing person's case" he is working on. This is a clear reference to the two's ongoing investigation on Bucky Barnes'/The Winter Soldier's whereabouts.

The twins' first get up is quite distant from the comics. When they join the Avengers, Quicksilver seems to have a closer resemblance, his costume seems to look cheesier than the comics. Scarlet Witch eventually catches up with her New Avengers get-up but she still seems to be missing her iconic headgear. Oh well.

When the Twins first meet Ultron, he has a red robe concealing his true form. This is a reference to the Crimson Cowl, which was a villain for the Avengers whose identity was revealed to be Ultron which was his first official debut. Such a subtle reference but it's great that was added in.

Listening to Ultron's lines carefully, it's clear that he was trying to imitate the dinosaur's extinction through the crashing of a meteor by rising up Sokovia and crashing it into the ground. Ultron has some decent metaphors, speaking of.

If it wasn't obvious by now, Ultron sings a tune every so often that was taken out of Disney's Pinocchio. The song was "There Are No Strings On Me", referring to Ultron gaining free will from the shackles of slavery from Tony Stark.

During Ultron's first journey into the internet, we get photos from Iron Man 1 and a few photos of Captain America as well as the devastations of wars, most notably World War II.

The building that houses Captain America and Black Widow's team is called the New Avengers Facility. This is most likely a reference to the New Avengers and the Avengers Academy. The building also houses Dr Cho and Erik Selvig.

Hulk decides that the best way to protect society and himself is to go back on the run, flying in a Quinjet to an unknown location. This could be a reference to Planet Hulk where the Illuminati send Hulk in a Quinjet into space. This could mean we either see a Planet Hulk film or Hulk appearing in GOTG 2.

I feel that Stan Lee's cameo does not need to be talked about but I'll just mention it. He's in it, so there you go. I saw it coming when I noticed the similarly looking old people also at the party looking quite out of place.

Those are all the easter eggs that come to mind from Age Of Ultron. Tell me if I missed any or just generally forgot about one. I will be seeing you in three months when Ant-Man comes out!


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