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It isn't everyday a film like It Follows is released to the public. We live in an age where typical horror is broken down to grotesque imagery and cheap jump scares. I am happy to say that It Follows relies on neither of those tired elements, but aims for something much higher.

It Follows is a movie that can fall into the same category as other low-budget Indy films such as The Babadook. The movie is carried by pure suspense and its haunting soundtrack. Speaking of the latter, the music is absolutely stirring and very memorable. Almost as unique as the music in this film is the monster, which takes the form of various people and can only walk towards its prey. Its a very, very interesting premise that never gets boring or overstays its welcome.

The characters in It Follows are nothing to write home about, but they are functional and manage to deviate from typical horror movie characters. I really do have yo give it to the actors for pulling off such believable performances as well. By the time the film wraps up, you really feel that they are just hollow shells of the people they were from the beginning.

Another instance that makes this film feel like a throwback to the horror movies of old is the way it presents its scares. The creature is very disturbing and leaves you always guessing. This is far from the scariest thing I have ever seen, but that never took my interest out of the movie. My favorite thing about It Follows was actually the underlying message the film presents in a beautiful way. Sexual intercourse among youth today has obviously skyrocketed and with it many problems. People forget that there are always repercussions for sleeping around and this movie addresses that in bold fashion.

While not the scariest film I have seen, It Follows is undeniably brilliant and is the most original horror film to come out in the last three years. If you are a fan of the genre and want something different, then do yourself a favor and see It Follows.



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