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There's something really nice about infographics. They organize information, have colorful displays, and make learning really fun! GeekTyrant has probably one the greatest collections of movie infographics there is. They've searched the internet high and low, low and high, to find the perfect movie infographics. I thoroughly enjoyed them and I think you will too.

How Similar Are Your Favorite Comic Shows?

Did you know that all the top comic shows are essentially the same? That's right! Thanks to the DailyDot we can now see that they all essentially have the same elements in them. That doesn't make them low budget, boring shows though. Some of these shows are my favorite things to watch in the evenings.

The History of Batman Utility Belts

There's been a lot of Batman movies, characters, comics, and toys lately. So it's hard to really picture a Batman utility belt. Batman's belt comes in all shapes and sizes, with gadgets galore. Thanks to MMToolParts (via /Film) we now have a simple, creative guide to Batman's utility belts.


Man, who would have thought superlove was so complicated? In the Marvel comics and movies, love isn't just between two people or even three. You see break ups and new relationships about every other comic, so it can be really hard to figure out what the latest love story is! Thanks to WebHostingBuzz you'll never have to be confused again.

A Visual Guide To Marvel Character Movie Rights

It can be really, really confusing trying to find out which movie company owns who and what movies they can make and so forth. Between the debate over Spiderman and now The Incredible Hulk, most people are lost. Don't be. The Geek Twins have made this infographic exceptionally simple just for people like you and me.

Will I Make A Good Superhero?

I've always wanted to be a superhero, so thanks to Charlie Chartwell I now know what kind of questions to ask, how to dress, and if I would even make a good superhero. I feel like this is the kind of poster Mr. Incredible from The Incredibles might have on his billboard in his office.

Superhero Beauty Products

Now that you've become a superhero, you need to know how to take care of yourself. Here's some beauty supplies you can use to make yourself a better hero. Make sure to stop by BeautyFlash to see more of their inventive infographics!

Superhero Movies

It's really quite incredible how many superhero movies we're about to get. In fact, for most of us, the theater will feel like home. It's really hard to get confused over which movies come when and even which movies are being made. Dylan Todd had enough courage to map it all out and we're forever grateful!

The Ultimate List of Superhero Lairs

The amount of artwork, time, and research put into this infographic is absolutely amazing. Thumbs up Terry's Blinds. This infographic is one of the most in depth, creative pieces of artwork out there. I definitely want this on my wall someday.

Mapping Marvel Origins

Who would have guessed? There's an infographic for everything! Movoto has compiled all the major superheroes and villains and listed their hometowns. Now you'll never have to wonder again (if you wondered in the first place, that is).

And Finally...

Evolution of Batman

We've seen a lot of Batmans, Batmobiles, and Batcaves. It's no surprise then that the Batman logo has changed over the years. So the question now is: what's to come? What will the new Batman vs. Superman logo look like? I guess we'll have to wait and find out!

Well, there you are. These are some of the best superhero movie infographics out there on the internet. I've learned a lot from them. Have you?

Make sure to swing by GeekTyrant and check out their many non-superhero related infographics. They'll entertain you too.


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