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Chase Ricks

From the beginning of time every known race in literature has been tempted to either use magic or technology to achieve their goals. But sometimes one or the other alone must prevail.


Do you believe in actual magic and fantasy and not just what we see in movies, games, and books?

I present the following hypothetical scenario which I hope never comes to pass. All actual non human race names have had to be removed so Electronic Arts does not sue me or As well I grant notice that I will be using race names from Hasbro's Wizards of the Coasts games Magic the Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons as these are the biggest fandoms I write about in my fan fiction as well as the late author David Eddings too.

All planets in the solar system are known so far. This much is true. What if I theoryize there existed worlds that we knew nothing of due to the fact that our technology is unable to detect them as they are cloaked by magic itself?

I apologize for confusing readers because I write in this style. I am but a watcher against the eternal struggles in the universe, one of a few so gifted they can see the struggles in other galaxies and yet never leave Earth so great is my imagination and I am here with a warning.

There is a great army of technology users gathering to conquer Earth from a currently unknown planet and system. Their technology is vastly superior to ours and their only weakness is magic. Only those who can truly bring their minds to life can enlist to save our world.


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