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I'm pretty sure that nearly every kid born after 1980 watched Nickelodeon with the burning desire to participate in one of their many game shows. We all had the one we were gunning for, but in my house it was all about Legends of the Hidden Temple. My brother and I would watch the Temple Run with simmering rage, knowing that we could do better than showings like this.

If you were lucky enough to get on one of these classic shows, you walked away with whistle pops or a remote control car, but the greatest prize was meeting the unparalleled hosts who invited us into the action. Let's talk a look at what those folks have been up to since leaving the slime behind.

Mike O'Malley - Guts & Global Guts

Then: Mike O'Malley was just getting his start in show business as the excitable host of Nickelodeon Guts. His friend, Mark Summers, convinced him to move to Los Angeles to pursue his career in acting.

Now: Since leaving Guts behind, O'Malley has maintained an impressive career in the industry, starring in the sitcom Yes, Dear and recurring as Kurt's dad Burt Hummel in Glee (a role that got him an Emmy nomination). Next up, he'll appear alongside Will Smith and Alec Baldwin in Concussion.

Moira "Mo" Quirk - Guts & Global Guts

Then: As Guts' resident official with the greatest accent in the world, Moira "Mo" Quirk told us all about the competitors' hobbies and what "Guts" meant to them. There is truly no one else I would rather hear say the words "Aggro Crag."

Now: Quirk has been putting that voice to good use these days! Keeping her ties to the Nickelodeon family, she's been a voice actress on Hey Arnold!, The Wild Thornberrys, and My Life as a Teenage Robot. In terms of video game work, she's also voiced Elara Dorne in Star Wars: The Old Republic and the Nightingale Karliah in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Marc Summers - Double Dare & Double Dare 2000

Then: Mark Summers acted as the host (and eventually executive consultant on Double Dare 2000) and guided kids and families through questions, physical challenges, and the disaster-prone obstacle course. Interestingly enough, Summers later admitted that he has OCD, which caused him to sometimes struggle with amount of slime and mess on set.

Now: After Double Dare 2000, Summers stayed active as a TV personality. You've probably seen him on Food Network as the host of Unwrapped (which has ran for an impressive nine seasons) and a judge on the competition show Rewrapped. These days, he's also been an executive producer on Restaurant: Impossible and made special appearances on ABC's The Chew.

Kirk Fogg - Legends of the Hidden Temple

Then: Kirk Fogg was the perma-positive host who would encourage child competitors as they embarrassed themselves in the temple while wearing hideous yellow sweatpants.

Now: Following his separation of Olmec, Fogg went on to direct and star in his own movies Yeah Vous! and Distortion. He also appeared as a District Attorney in the pilot of Veronica Mars. P.S. Long live the Silver Snakes!

Summer Sanders - Figure It Out

Then: From Olympic swimmer to the first female host of a Nickelodeon game show, Summer Sanders endured her fair share of strange hobbies/abilities and always did it with a beaming smile.

Now: Sanders has stayed active with her hosting duties. She's co-hosted Skating With Celebrities, Inside Out with Summer Sanders, and the game show Keywords on HLN. She also appeared a general correspondent for Good Morning America and Rachael Ray before appearing on the third season of Celebrity Apprentice. The two-time gold medal winner periodically does reporting for both the Winter and Summer Olympics on special features.

Omar Gooding - Wild & Crazy Kids

Then: As the lighthearted and funniest teenage co-host of Wild & Crazy Kids, Omar Gooding was in a great position to continue a career in Hollywood.

Now: After Wild & Crazy Kids ended in 1992, Gooding hit the ground running with starring roles as Earvin in Hangin' with Mr. Cooper and Mo in Smart Guy. More recently, he's appeared in Single Ladies, Miami Medical, and Grey's Anatomy. He also has SO many projects in the pipes, so be on the lookout for more Omar!

Annette Lesure - Wild & Crazy Kids

Then: Back when she was known as Annette Chavez, Annette Lesure was one of the original co-hosts on Wild & Crazy Kids.

Now: Following her departure from the neon-tinted daze of Wild & Crazy Kids, Lesure has found consistent work as an actress in shows like General Hospital, The Steve Harvey Show, ER, Bones, What About Brian, and House M.D. Her last project was Annie Claus is Coming to Town in 2011.

Donnie Jeffcoat - Wild & Crazy Kids

Then: Donnie Jeffcoat finished out the trio of teenage co-hosts, potentially best known for slimed at all the best possible moments.

Now: Jeffcoat pursued acting after hanging up his fluorescent shirts, appearing in 7th Creator, Wish Upon a Star, and One Life to Live. He also opened up his own martial arts studio, Shaolin American Self Defense Academy, where he puts his training as a third degree black belt to good use.


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