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After watching the infamous movie American Psycho, I must express my confusion in regards to the ending of the film. Due to this confusion, I have come to my own conclusion behind the meaning of this film and what the ending was really trying to explain. WARNING: SPOILERS!!! I don't believe that Patrick Bateman killed anyone, and that the plot of this movie was conducted in his head. Although i myself have not read the book, there is no doubt in my mind that i could be totally wrong about my theory. However, based on the evidence provided by the movie, i have come to my own conclusion that Patrick imagined all his murders in his head due to a psychotic disease of the brain. My reasons that support this theory are as follows:

When Patrick visited Paul Allans (Allens?) apartment, it was completely empty - and all traces of his slaughters were missing. How can an apartment not only empty and refurnish itself, but dispose of all the dead bodies over night? And we SAW what apartment it was, therefore its impossible to believe that the events of the previous night actually occurred. Also, the body of the dead prostitute Kristie was no where to be seen on Patricks arrival to the apartment. When i first saw this, the realization of the movie finally sunk in - Patrick imagined it all in his head.

Towards the ending of the movie, we see Patrick's secretary Gene going through his belongings including his PB book. As she reads through it, she discovers numerous disturbing images of women, including the sexual activities we saw Patrick take part in. I believe that during a psychotic outbreak or two, Patrick fantasied about torturing women this way, and expressed it by not physically doing it, but instead documenting it. I Believe that he was so psychotic that he couldn't tell the difference to reality and his fantasy world of murder.

With this, i firmly believe that Patrick Bateman did not kill a single person in American Psycho, and that he is simply a psychotic maniac who continuously fantasized and romanticized murder. However, for the true fanatics out there who are reading this completely and utterly outraged at my ridiculous deduction - may i remind you i haven't read the book, although i do intend to as my mind is swimming with confusion at this ambiguous ending. If i am wrong, please feel free to correct e and help me understand the truth behind this film, as i feel although hopeful and passionate about my reflection of this film, i would also like to be enlightened with the facts.

Thank you,

L. S. Charleston


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