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Imagine human beings ripping into the flesh of their fellow man, as they chew on the tendons of a once-living person, blood trickling all over their mouths and hands.

Because those very well could have been our ancestors.

The remains of a 9 or 10-year-old girl, estimated to be about 57,600 years old, were found in the Marrliac site in France between 1967 and 1980.

Based on the child's remains, showing inclinations that the body may have been manipulated after death, experts from the University of Bordeaux claim it is possible that Neanderthals ate their own children and other adults as well.

Even though it is improbable that we will know for sure, Professor María Dolores Garrald noticed two large cut marks, which could imply that adults were cutting the dead child's thigh bone to disconnect it from the joint with tools made from flint.

This means that our ancestors had probably eaten the child. I know. This is crazy!

And still in some parts of the world cannibalism is a continued practice, whether it be for necessity, ritual, medicinal purposes, or solely for pleasure. This fact is mind-blowing as well.

Papua New Guinea is one such example.
Papua New Guinea is one such example.

While we know Neanderthals even inbred at times, this could be a new development in understanding even more rituals practiced by this ancient group.

Even if it doesn't confirm the fact that our ancestors were cannibals, it does show us that Neanderthals performed some sort of strange and ghastly ritual on the deceased's bodies.

While I may get teased for being vegan by friends and family, I have to say, at least I'm not eating my fellow humans. So I guess I have that going for me.

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