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Last week’s announcement of the first Star Wars spin-off certainly got people talking, and thinking. Disney has not kept their plans for their multi-billion dollar franchise a secret, and spokespeople have been upfront about the fact that multiple spin-off movies should be expected. So with the announcement of Star Wars: Rogue One, one large question lingers: what other spin-offs will we see?

There is no shortage of Star Wars lore outside of the films and Clone Wars TV show, but most of those sources are now considered to be non-canon, so it will be interesting to see what ideas and stories future Star Wars writers come up with. A galaxy far, far away is the limit for Disney at this point, and while I’m certainly no fortune teller, psychic, or seer, there are a few Star Wars stories or characters that I think deserve some exploration and attention. Some of these ideas have already been rumored, and some would make likely spin-off films, and others less so. But regardless of the odds, here are the top Star Wars spin-offs that I would want to see.

Obi-Wan Kenobi between Episodes III and IV

Episode III ends with the splitting up of the Skywalker twins, with Leia going to Senator Organa and his wife, and Obi-Wan delivering Luke to Owen and Beru. Then, almost twenty years pass, and the legend of the great Jedi Obi-Wan fades, and he becomes the wizened old Ben Kenobi. But what was old Ben up to during the interim between the two trilogies? Surely he wasn’t working on his tan on Tatooine the whole time, but he also would not risk making his location known to the Sith.

At the end of Episode III, Yoda told Obi-Wan that the spirit of Qui-Gon Jinn had training for him to participate in, and that would be a great tie-in. As with many of the ideas on this list, there are many non-canon accounts and resources regarding the events or people listed. But Disney will likely be creating their own versions of each story, and I would love to see what kind of adventures (and misadventures) Obi-Wan could get himself into during this twenty year gap.

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