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The release of the Batman v Superman trailer has seemed to split fans, and raised many concerns for the film. Even though certain concerns are valid, there have been some critics that simply do not know what they are talking about. That is what I will be addressing, but first, check out the kick ass trailer below.

I do not have a problem with people who dislike this trailer, but it is their reasons for disliking this trailer that seem to bug me

1. It is too dark

This is one of he most common criticisms for the trailer, and one of the most foolish, if I'm being quite honest. Let us simply take a look at the comic that inspired the film, and that would be The Dark Knight Returns. That is one of the darkest Batman stories ever created, and even though Batman v. Superman will not be a direct adaptation, Snyder and co. did take a lot of inspiration fro the comic, which is quite evident in certain shots in the trailer, including the Batsuit and that shot where Batman is standing on top of that tower with a sniper rifle (which Batman used to fie a grappling hook out of in the comic). This Batman will be dark, menacing and bruiting. In terms of overall darkness, this will be the darkest and most menacing Batman we have ever gotten on screen, and that should not turn people away, in fact, it should draw them in.

Now let;s move onto Superman, and the complaint that they are trying to "Nolan" him up. That accusation is false, and quite laughable if I'm being honest. Yes, Man of Steel was a more raw, dark take on the character, however Snyder did not turn Superman into Batman. He still gave Superman the same ideals and morals from the comics, but simply put him in dark situations that truly tested who he was as a character. Yes, he killed Zod, but he was also Superman for a bout a day and was tasked with saving the entire planet... Give him a break.

Now, moving back to Batman v. Superman. Based on the trailer, it seems like they will be directly dealing with the events of Man of Steel and how the world has decided to respond. Again, to bring it back to the MCU, they didn't really show the negative response that they world may have had to these superheroes showing up, and trust me, most if not all of the world would have been hesitant about that. Not to say that Marvel made a mistake by doing that, but they simply decided not to touch on it much. DC on the other hand, to make a movie like this and a universe like this feel more authentic, have decided to deal with that aspect head on, and I applaud them for it.

Not only that, but based on all of the voice overs describing Superman and how split the world seems to be, it looks like they will treat the character and the world's response as realistically as possible. No offense to humanity, but this is a pretty cynical and cruel world, and if somebody like Superman showed up, we would probably hate him, and it seems like Batman v Superman will deal with the character and the world in a respectable fashion.

2. Not enough story

Again, this complaint is inconsistent with the way the naysayers seem to treat other trailers. For example, let's take a look at the Star Wars Episode VII teaser, which was essentially a flash of images across the screen accompanied by a voice over. That trailer gave us no story or insight into the plot, and it didn't even tell us who these characters were. Yet it was met with universal praise.

Superman gets some deep criticism
Superman gets some deep criticism

When discussing the Batman v. Superman trailer and its lack of story, we must first debunk the myth that it does not provide us with a story. Comparing it to Star Wars' trailer again, the Batman v. Superman trailer did a better job at doing what Star Wars attempted. What I mean by that is that we got voice overs in the Batman v. Superman trailer, but it was more of a montage of voices talking which helped set up the tone of the film as a whole while also providing us with certain story elements the film will tackle. We also seemed to get the motivation of Batman within this trailer, along with the voices of different characters and the role they will possibly play. There is more the the Batman v. Superman trailer than simply some images with a voice over. Don't get me wrong, I loved the Star Wars trailer, but people seem to be a bit hypocritical when contrasting that with the Batman v. Superman trailer.

3. Why do Batman and Superman even need to fight? Aren't they on the same team?

Again, this seems to be another ignorant comment by somebody who either is not familiar with the source material, or someone who would like to completely skip over their conflict all together and would rather have them be friends. Batman and Superman are essentially polar opposites as are their philosophical view points on being a hero. Superman tends to see the best in people while Batman sees the worst. This conflict must exist on screen before simply moving past it. This conflict between the heroes will help us understand their psyche and who they are. Like I said earlier, Zack Snyder did not completely change who Superman was in Man of Steel, but he crafted a darker, more grounded world around the character. Now, once Batman is introduced, we as the audience must be introduced to their conflicting philosophical ideals and morals, and that will lead to conflict.

Remember that church scene in Man of Steel? Where Superman tells the priest about how he is the person Zod is looking for,and the pries responds with the simple line "Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith first. The trust part comes later." That, in a nutshell, is who Superman is, and Batman is the opposite. When two titans clash, conflict breaks out.

4. Now for the most annoying complaint: Why can't DC be more like Marvel

Why do we want DC to be like Marvel so badly (more specifically the MCU). Listen, I like Marvel as much as the next guy (maybe a little less), but I do not want another cinematic universe like that.

To be honest, it would get quite redundant and boring if DC decided to simply copy and paste the MCU's formula into their own cinematic universe. And as fans, we would call out DC for being unoriginal for copying what Marvel has done. I don't know if we, as fans, have realized this or not, but there are multiple ways to set up a cinematic universe, and there are multiple tones for each universe to project. DC is clearly going for the more grounded approach, and there is nothing wrong with that because we don't need a carbon copy of the MCU. It is good to get different ranges and tones within these different universes.

I am getting tired of people constantly complaining about how DC needs to be more like Marvel, and why are they introducing all of these characters so early on and why aren't they more fun. The list goes on and on. The truth is because the DC universe consists of different characters, and the way they are constructing their universe simply makes more sense. No, they are not rushing the Justice League to catch up to Marvel, they are simply choosing to go in a different direction, and for their universe, it makes sense to introduce these heroes in team movies before breaking them off into their own solo projects.

I have seen this complaint come up after the trailer was released, but also long before its release. I understand that Marvel has been successful with their universe, but could we please give DC a shot before bashing them? Have we forgotten that the MCU consists of Iron Man 2, both Thor movies and Captain America: The First Avengers, all of which were pretty lackluster. Marvel has hit a stride lately, but I think we seem to have memory loss when it comes to their early films. And speaking of them, we need to give DC the opportunity to hit their stride before starting to bash them. Just give them a chance, that is all I ask.

Leave your thoughts on the trailer in the comments below, and as always, thanks for reading.


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