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QUICK DISCLAIMER: I know it's been out for a little while now, but I couldn't think of anything better to write about. Enjoy anyway.

There are few things in life that get me more excited than Star Wars. It was THE movie series of my childhood and still remains my all-time favourite. But when I heard in 2012 that Disney had bought LucasFilm and was looking to produce a new trilogy as well as some spinoffs, I was concerned. I felt my childhood was going to be ruined. Then I heard JJ Abrams was directing, I felt comforted. Then the first teaser dropped, and I got excited. This second teaser? I squealed. I've never squealed (legitimately) at something in pure excitement ever in my life.

So let's talk about it.

First of all. Wow. This trailer is very well put together, in my opinion. They managed to give us a wealth of new footage to ogle at, but they managed to keep plot details wrapped up relatively tightly. We know the Empire is still alive and kicking. We know there are a few explosions. We also now know that Kylo Ren likes to turn to the camera dramatically in time with music. We know that John Boyega either does a lot of running, or suffers from Asthma. But other than that not a lot. What we got though, did get me thinking.

The Empire isn't the Empire any more. Surprised me too. It's now known as The First Order. I've not seen many thoughts or views on this but I feel like this is tied in to Order 66, the first order the Storm Troopers were technically given (or the one that made them transition from Clones to Storm Troopers), I think that'd be a nice little way to tie in the prequels too.

The original cast are clearly all alive and well, but not really that present in either teaser. Except for, y'know, that bit at the end.

The ONLY gif you'll ever need in your life.
The ONLY gif you'll ever need in your life.

We may or may not see Leia's hand, and we hear Luke's voice for the first half of the teaser. But who's he talking to? No one knows. A lot of the buzz seems to be centred around the fact he says his father HAS the Force. An interesting choice of words no matter which way you slice it. His father is dead, after all. So why would Luke use "has" as opposed to "had" to this unknown listener?

My face after a mad night out.
My face after a mad night out.

I've devised two theories. One: Luke is currently trying to pass off his father isn't "around" but is still living, I can imagine it'd be awkward trying to explain your father used to be your greatest enemy and also working with the Sith. But I'd have thought this would be common knowledge in the Star Wars universe by now. Alternatively, Luke could be talking about Anakin in the present tense because he still exists as a Force Ghost. Does that mean we could see him in the film at some point? And who the hell has kept that mask? My guess is Kylo Ren, our new Sith bad-boy, since he appears to either have an obsession with ol' Vader, or has at least taken an aesthetic inspiration from him.

There are rumours Darth Vader appears in some flashback scenes, but what of the man behind the mask? That'd be pretty cool and it'd be another good tie to the prequels if they brought back Hayden Christensen (put your pitchforks away, people). It'd make sense, since that was before he became corrupted by the dark side.

But going back to the trailer, wow. it's arguably one of my favourite trailers of recent memory, a title which was held by Age Of Ultron. The mystery, the nostalgia, that beautiful, iconic score by John Williams, everything was perfect for me. More importantly though, I feel excited. The worries of my childhood being ruined by Mickey Mouse and his pals are gone. Star Wars is back, and it looks like it's going to be returning to brilliant franchise it was many years ago.

This is one of the few films that just cannot afford to be bad, and it looks like JJ Abrams has got us all covered. I did like what he did with the Star Trek reboots, say what you will about his cinematography or whatnot, I feel we have the right man for the job.

Feel free to leave what you thought of the trailer down below, and whether you're excited too! This is my first article so don't be too cruel, so any constructive criticism will be greatly appreciated! Have a good day all.


What do YOU think of the latest Force Awakens trailer?!


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