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I love Arrow. I love The Flash. I even think that Gotham has some potential. And I am definitely looking forward to Titans and I am cautiously optimistic about Super Girl. I have yet to get around to watching Constantine but I hear that it's not so bad. However there is one thing that bugs me about all these shows, Even the ones that have yet to air. And that is that They all air on different channels making it hard for them to connect and live as one big DC TV Universe. Recently Marvel's DareDevil debuted on Netflix and it was amazing. It is probably one of my favorite super hero adaptations since Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy and The Winter Soldier. Not only is it nice having all the episodes come out at once (this is definitely the future of TV), but Marvels upcoming shows, A.K.A Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Defenders, Will all be on Netflix as well. It's cohesive and simple. If Marvel moved Agents of Shield and Agent Carter to Netflix than all you would need to watch all your Marvel shows would be Netflix. Not to mention that creators would have more free range with their shows considering that Netflix is much like HBO and means a bigger budget and the ability to do whatever you want without worrying about the FCC. But we aren't talking about Marvel. We are talking about DC. So here is my suggestion to the big wigs at DC and Warner Bros.

I believe in you! Kinda... Pick it up guys.
I believe in you! Kinda... Pick it up guys.

If I were in charge of DC I would buy the rights to all the DC TV Shows currently airing or in development and throw them all under one roof. If Marvel has the corner on Netflix there are plenty of other streaming services that would love to have you. Hulu for example could work. They aren't nearly as big as Netflix and have yet to have a big hit with any of their original shows like Netflix has with House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, and DareDevil. I'm sure Hulu would love to be the home to DC TV. Who wouldn't? Imagine Arrow with a better budget. More freedom to do what they want with the show. If Hulu doesn't work for you than try HBO. HBO Now is launching soon so if the stars aligned and they were able to give us new seasons of Arrow, The Flash, Constantine, and Gotham as well as the new shows, Titans and SuperGirl, than HBO and DC would make a killing. This would be huge for them. Just think, All these shows, all at once, on a better network. No more CW, no more Fox, no more CBS, no more TNT. 13 episode seasons, no fluffy villain of the week episodes. Just a great story they are able to build up with more time to focus on the over arching plot and characters. A bigger budget for better effects, and the ability to go wherever they want without having to worry about the rules of cable TV. This would mean better writing to. Better writing, better story. Bigger budget, better effects. All under one network. One roof. United.


So which streaming service do you think DC should be apart of? Let me know and tell us why in the comments below!


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