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You know me, I'm a crazy Marvel person. I love writing about it. So, why have I jumped out of my comfort zone and writing about video games? Well, there is this contest where you take this quiz to find out what fandom you are in.

Bet you can't guess what it said.

Anyway, it recommended that I try my hand at an article about video games. I'm not a huge gamer, but I have had my share of favorite games throughout my childhood.

Not only did I love many elements about these games, they also helped me grow closer to my family.

Frogger (Atari)

Ah yes, my favorite game on the old Atari. No, I'm not that old, but being the child of people this age definitely had its perks. There is nothing duct tape and a clothes pin can't fix when you don't have the proper port on your tv. After finally getting the Atari connected, this was my favorite game to play. We didn't have many games that still worked, but this one that did was so much fun to figure out.

The most frustrating thing, which made the game exciting, was getting onto one of the logs in the river. Or praying that the alligator didn't decide to eat you.

Mario Kart (Wii)

Yes, I do realize I just made a huge three decade jump in gaming systems, but other than having a NES for a brief time, we jumped from having just an Atari to having a Wii.

I love this game because it's something I have a chance at beating my gamer brother in. He is amazingly good at video games. As long as we stay off of Rainbow Road, and the color blocks are good to me, I have a chance!

My favorite race is the Moonview Highway. This track, playing as Dry Bones on the Mini Titan, is the one I almost always win. Playing this game was always a way to have fun with my siblings and grow their competitive spirits!

Super Mario Brothers 3

This was my mom's favorite game, and it became mine when we had a Nintendo NES for a brief time. I loved playing as the raccoon and flying around the area.

But then there was this one thing about it that just made it the best game ever.

The boot.

Hopping across the little black flowers in my green little boot was the highlight of my little six year old self.

Call of Duty: World at War (Wii)

Now, we jump forward to my later teen years. This game was originally supposed to be my dad's, but he enjoyed watching me play it. He, being a history buff, loved telling me about the different battles and the different weapons that were being used in the game. I had my favorite weapons, and made it through all but the veteran level.

My favorite part was any time I got to use the sniper rifle. This I really utilized in the multi-player mode. I had several excellent hiding spots and secondary back-ups. It was so much fun to get someone, and proceed to watch them come and try and find me.

Yes, I was that girl.

But my mom was happy to know I still had a soft heart. When a certain one of my comrades died, she walked in to find me crying at the game. I then proceeded to try and save that person the next several times around. I succeeded once, and the game glitched. That was a great day.

Finally, my favorite game of all time.


This is the game my dad and I played a lot together. I bonded a lot with him while playing this, I believe.

Working together to get the high enemies and the low enemies, freaking out about the big snake like alien, and making it to the end together.

I really really really wish that there was a Wii version of the game. Though, I might play it all the time, which might not be a good thing.

I know it wasn't the highest quality game, but it's my favorite because of the memories I have playing it. That is why it is at the top of my list.

So, this is it, my article talking about my favorite childhood video games. I normally wouldn't post something like this, but it has been a lot of fun reminiscing about them!

What were your favorites?


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