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Whether you're more of a fan of Christian Bale's Batman or the coming-soon Ben Affleck version, you'll probably be a fan of them going up against... Superman? No, EACHOTHER!

This Instagram video of the newly imagined Affleck version and Bale's version looking like they're about to squabble - aka what would probably be one of the coolest fights ever - is now up on Zack Snyder's [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) fan page and it's a must see.

In this aptly dubbed "Battle of the Knights," we are forced to choose between supporting Batfleck or Bale-man.

Katrina Stagg //
Katrina Stagg //

Who would you take? Batfleck clearly has the size advantage, but Bale has already proven himself as Batman. He comes off as an intelligent Bruce Wayne. It's a close battle for me...

(Via: Instagram)


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