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The Disney Channel Original Movies were pretty much all solid. There was Quints, Get a Clue, Read it and Weep, and more recently Wizards of Waverly Place with Selena Gomez. Well, Now You See It... was up there as one of the more classic ones.

Have you ever wondered what some of that cast is up to now? It was way back in 2005, and if you're a Millenial, you know that that was the peak of reality television, for the most part.

The film, if you haven't seen it, was about a reality show that looked to find the greatest kid magician. Kind of a "So You Think You Can Dance" for kids, where instead of dancing, the skill is magic. It turns out they uncover a lot more than just a great young magician, but something that's not meant to be seen on television. I won't spoil it in case you haven't seen it yet...

Here they are, the cast from the show, then and now.

Allyson Miller (Played by Aly Michalka)

Aly Michalka was the star of the show. She was obviously quite young, but in the film she played an aspiring reality TV show producer - a worthy ambition. Her desperation to make a good show leads her down the rabbit hole that was this movie.

It appears Michalka has grown quite nicely into a gorgeous woman. She's had a great career, appearing on Two and a Half Men as Brooke, getting numerous movie roles and appearing on two new shows: iZombie and Chev and Bev which is in post-production.

Danny Sinclair (Played by Johnny Pacar)

Danny Sinclair was the magician. Without him, there is simply no movie. A true kid-version of David Blaine. We're talking serious mind-blowing talent here.

Sinclair was played by Johnny Pacar who is still in the acting game. He recently appeared in a horror/thriller called The Remaining and he's done some TV movies as well as features and short films.

Max (Played by Frank Langella)

Max, played by Frank Langella, was already an older character so time hasn't flown significantly in his case. However, he had a big role in the movie. He was the master magician and show host.

He's remained incredibly active as an actor, appearing in Draft Day, he's Gabriel in The Americans, and he's got two films on the way - Captain Fantastic and Youth in Oregon. The dude has still got it!

Hunter (Played by Chris Olivero)

Hunter was the one who ends up thwarting Aly's plan. He was in the seriously swagged out "frosted tips" bleached blonde phase of his life, which a lot of people were back in 2005.

Now, Chris Olivero, who played Hunter, is still acting a bit. He was a in Kyle XY, and he appeared on a couple episodes of TMI Hollywood and NCIS: Los Angeles.


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