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I'm just an anime obsessed geek that also so happens to be a weapon enthusiast
Colton TheDoctor Douglas

Hello, everyone! :)

So I've been making moviepilot post for a a few months now, but I prefer making my YouTube videos. I do all kinds of videos like a ton of other people, only difference is I'm not doing it to become famous.

When I was a kid my biggest dream was to entertain people, I remember I would write short skits and jokes for my parents and older siblings. I remember making a Star Wars short-film when I was I kid that they thought was absolutely hilarious. Regrettably that video was lost, but last year my brothers and I made this short Star Wars parody for my YouTube channel.

I'm unable to make lightsaber effects at this time, but I'll probably add lightsaber effects into the two year special edition.

I also do reaction videos, like this one for the new Force Awakens trailer.

I really enjoy making comedy videos, and I created a new character and series call Andy the AngryNerd. And this one is one of my funniest videos on YouTube.

I also like to make my own music, which I think I'm at least decent at doing. Down below is a song I made called "Ode to Thorin Oakenshield" and as you probably guest is a Hobbit fan song. It also has clips from the movie which adds to the sadness of the song. I Hope you enjoy!

This one's a bit weird but I also enjoy lip-synching. Here's a video of my lip-synching Man in The Mirror by Micheal Jackson in Whiterun. lol.

I hope you enjoy at least one of these channels, and if you could subscribing to my YouTube channel would be appreciated. :)


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