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Agents of SHIELD has a confirmed spinoff series that's generating a lot of heat from the Marvel fandom. Various sources have given their opinions on what the spinoff will be about, and a lot of them have pegged Secret Warriors as the new series. I started off without an opinion, but based upon my own research, I now believe that we're going to see the Secret Warriors on television, and soon. Let's look at this. What do we know about the Secret Warriors? The team was created by Nick Fury to provide him with a support network while he investigated the Skrull invasion. One of the principal team members is? None other than Daisy Johnson. Skye. After the invasion is over, the team sticks around to work with Fury as a response team. One of the threats they deal with is an organization known as the Heavenly Wheel. Fury goes undercover and discovers three members: Baron Von Strucker, John Garret, and Daniel Whitehall. Who have we seen in the MCU as vital parts of HYDRA? Strucker, Garret, and Whitehall. So just to review, we see Skye, who is inherently attached to the Inhumans, being attached through her time with Coulson and SHIELD to HYDRA, which is attached to the Heavenly Wheel, which attaches her to Fury, who is attached to the Avengers. It's become clear to me that the universe Marvel has created really centers around AoS. Let me know what you think in the comments, and if you have a different idea, why not apply to become a creator?


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