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Jarrett Rives

Just as the title says im under fire for what i said about marvel vs dc but im not gonna apologize it was my opinion and if you guys out there think that my opinion is wrong ok so but dont start calling names and calling peoole stupid let them know in a polite fashion that they have no argument. What if there were people out there treating your kids like that what you do we write about the movie that have morals but someone makes a few mistakes bam its on. Im not saying i didnt do anything but im sorry in my opinion MoS sucked does it matter how you feel about the movie no. so like i said you guys agree then like comment share whatever and please keep the hate down im not trying to make anyone mad.

OK now what im here for, The Human Torch in the new F4 film looks like he is going to be a good character and even sticks to the base character personality. He seems liek he is going to be a great character to watch on the big screen he also wasnt even a F4 member in the original telling of the character. He was in android who fought with the Invaders and then help make the Hero's Spitfire. so i think he will be a great character all around and thanks for reading guys.


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