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ive read the comics, now....I've seen the movies!!!
  • The fastest paced, most fulfilling offer from Marvel yet! This movie doesn't hold back, and gives a nice bit of insight into all our heroes. It has all the expected leaps and action-packed goodness of the comic-books, in a movie that barely skips a beat on the screen. Almost every second of screen time is spent urging the plot forward with a satisfying pace.


Will you be seeing our big-budget heroes tackle a new foe on the big screen?

The opening of the movie presents us with instant action, and barely lets up throughout the entire two-hours of a fun, family-friendly (for the most part) big screen blockbuster. There's only a couple of instances of minor bad-language included, and these are actually made fun of anyway, sort of enforcing the 'moral guidelines' that parents will probably be wanting their children to see from their favourite super-heroes. Add that with the little graphic violence, but plenty of big-screen action, and most parents will be entirely satisfied with the experience for the little ones, and themselves

The movie sees the Avengers tackling a new foe, a refreshing lift from the usual, much-loved Loki. With an amazingly portrayed villain in Ultron (James Spayder), an artificial intelligence, taking form and physicality in one of Tony Stark's (Robert Downey jr.) autonomous 'Iron Legion', which are sent in to assist the Avengers with sticky situations.

While sticking close to the action throughout, and rarely detracting from the main story, the movie takes time to flesh out a couple of the previously lesser shown characters, Hawkeye (Jeremy Rutter), and Black Widow ( Scarlett Johansson), giving us an insight into their more private lives, and adding a little, much-welcomed, back-story to these under-appreciated Avengers. It even goes so-far as to give Mark Ruffalo's Hulk some extra screen-time. This brings a very welcome new direction to the movies, that have really been focused on the three main-stay heroes, iron Man, Captain America, and Thor, until this point. It also takes the time to gently, and effectively introduce a couple of new characters, and let us get to see a broader range of the Marvel Universe, in a very well directed, incredibly enjoyable adventure.

If you go to see one movie this year, I'd say make it this. There's more big-budget Blockbusters on the way to our silver-screens, but they'll really have to bring their A-game to beat this sort of calibre movie!


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