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Where to start with this movie? To sum up the viewing experience in a sentence or two, this sequel is everything you would want and almost everything you would expect. Marvel really did pull it out of the bag for this one and it sure was one big ol' bag. Age of Ultron is a roller coaster of emotion that strikes right into our fanboy and fangirl hearts, pulling away at the strings with each and every transition and now that our minds can finally feast on the spectacle I only have one thing to say to the fantastic creators at Marvel Studios and that is: Congratulations.

When the superhero genre is puled up in a conversation the first thing that comes to mind is Marvel and their epic pieces of ass kicking art that's for sure and Age Of Ultron only solidifies that thought process which now only seems inevitable. Marvel are truly the kings of the superhero genre. If there's any other studio you need to make a great enjoyable movie then its Marvel, they really can't do anything wrong.

“How are we guys planning on beating them?”  “Together.”
“How are we guys planning on beating them?” “Together.”

Lets talk about the storyline. From what we gathered from the numerous clips and trailers was that Earth was under attack yet again with an all new menacing bad guy that wants only destruction and extinction but Age Of Ultron is much more than the expected 'Super team fights away at evil and hopes to win' synopsis. The imagery from the movie is greater when analysed in detail, something that may seem reminiscent of a DC title or project as the superhero genre is generally only attached to a specific routine of story. Hero trains, Hero loses first battle against villain, Hero trains some more, Hero wins and most likely saves some people along the way. However, Age Of Ultron has a great balance of the typical cliché hero vibe and the pure dark gritty vibe, one scene may favour the likes of teamwork and friendship where another might put one of the Avengers in a dilemma that only has negative options and outcomes. Its a yin and yang balance of superb entertainment.

Age Of Ultron is a package that is unique only to the Marvel cinematic universe as it is so developed and built up that a theory can definitely go a long way. The cinematic universe is something that we all must treasure as it has never been done so damn good before. The feeling of choice and opportunity is clearly present while watching The Avengers as you never know what might happen, in the comics you will probably receive a different outcome to the movie but that's only what makes it all so exciting. Knowing that a web slinging teenager or a god craving five magical stones is on the way is simply fantastic and all it does is make me want to stay on for what will be one hell of a ride.

"Is that all you got!?" "You had to ask."
"Is that all you got!?" "You had to ask."

The characters in the movie all share their own individual spotlight as the story progresses, whether that's a cool looking trick with Thor's hammer or a throw of the shield by Captain America, all members of The Avengers get their well deserved screen time in Age Of Ultron with assassins Hawkeye and Black Widow enjoying more than last time round. The balance and chemistry between the team is phenomenal on screen, every scene feels right and no dialogue seems out of place as all the contrasting personalities bind together perfectly. Iron Man's banterous way of speaking can often blend well with the formal register and dialogue shown in the voice of Dr. Banner without causing too much of an argument and the archaic bold dialect used by Thor also matches the militaristic and courageous tone shown with Captain America. All personalities truly are exceptional in The Avengers now that we don't have to deal with the small talk before hand that actually develops the team in the first place, adding more and more benefits to the already wonderful concept of a cinematic universe.

The villainous Ultron comes to greet us with the idea of building a suit of armour around the world that can work full time without the help of an Avenger, when critical systems seem to fail, the artificial intelligence of Ultron leaks out into multiple crucial databases and soon all robots intended to protect the planet; turn on the planet. Voiced by James Spader Ultron presents us with a villain that is simply a villain, he wishes to ultimately bring extinction to all human life on Earth so he can bring change to a blank new open slate. Hearing that Ultron was going to be a main focus in this Avengers definitely caught my eye as he is a character that has never been seen before in cinema so it seemed I had a right to be sceptical. Even though Ultron is just a villain with an evil motive he is still impressively convincing on screen, whether that be through his tense almost poetic dialogue or his incredibly intimidating gentle movement, the execution of Ultron is still definitely nothing to rave about compared to the likes of other villainous acts such as Loki. So the performance of Ultron may sound pretty lacklustre at this point but I can promise you that the menacing representation supported by James Spader sure is nothing to mess with.

"It's the end. The end of the path I started us on."
"It's the end. The end of the path I started us on."

Joss Whedon is a known director around the world by many film enthusiasts and it seems the word 'overrated' always finds a way to come up one way or another but with The Avengers that doesn't seem the case. Joss is perfect for the film as a guy who knows the universe along with the characters that inhabit inside, it also helps that he can shoot a scene where all avengers strike a pose and look totally bad ass while doing so. The amount of shots in the movie that can make a grown man giddy in his seat are used impressively on screen and the scenes that portray comedic value are genuinely funny. Many believe that the move is only good because The Avengers are involved but I can only disagree with this view as Whedon's talent is absolutely necessary to make what we know today so well done.

To conclude with the review I can only enforce the idea that this movie is worth every penny you spend buying a ticket for admission. Age Of Ultron will go down as a classic for the superhero genre as there's a scene for everyone to enjoy, whether you prefer the realistic dark imagery of extinction or simply just the laughs in all the chemistry the team share. The movie is hero perfection and all that one could ever want, fun ass kicking entertainment with laughs all around. What more could you possibly want?


Post credit scenes are always exciting as you never know what you're going to get but with Age Of Ultron I only hoped for something more. In the post credits we see Thanos wield his power glove stating that he now has to do things himself as Ultron has only failed him. From the post credits I wanted to see confirmation of the casting of Spider-Man with maybe an unmasking or a typical Marvel joke as we know about Thanos already! We all know that shit will ultimately go down in the end with Thanos holding his glove close to his chest as he pursues his evil goals and dreams.


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