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So everyone has been reeling on the Michonne and Rick relationship, but with the new girl Rick has his eyes on, will it happen? Lets see the facts:

Andrew Lincoln addressed where Rick is in the aftermath of his violent actions in the S4 finale, and his decisive statement to the rest of the group that the Terminus gang is “screwing with the wrong people”:

Andrew Lincoln: I think he’s made peace with all of it. I think he’s in a very uncomplicated place. There’s just as much humanity in me as brutality. And he realizes that they’re both just as important - and probably why he is still here, and his family. So I don’t think he has any conflict any more, or any kind of moral ambiguity; he’s just very pragmatic, very dangerous, and a very formidable leader as a result. It’s so good to be back [smiles].

Meanwhile, Danai Gurira discussed what season 5 will be like in terms of Michonne’s evolution – now that we know so much more of her backstory and what made her a hardened warrior in the first place. As it turns out, the excellent surreal dream sequence at the end of season 4 – revealing Michonne’s past – was planned long before we actually saw it in the show:

Danai Gurira: I don’t know how much of that I can share! I’d have to check with my boss. But yeah, It was something I’d known about – I’ll say for a substantial while. And it was great because it is a little different from the comic book, but not entirely, you know what I mean? So it really did make the extreme of how impenetrable she was in the beginning really make sense. As I said earlier, to be a mother – to see the love a mother has – is so extreme, and then the loss of that was so extreme, that to go to a place where you harden yourself – to the point where she was hardened underneath in season 3 – is really justified to me in the sense of how she was a mother.

So she didn’t want to ever hurt like that again – and she didn’t want to walk the world vulnerable again – and she could not trust again, because, you know, she trusted someone to take care of that child and it backfired. So [her backstory] actually made the hardening make so much sense.

It deffently had something going one in season 4, but season five has brought some new characters in.

Jesse, is the new girl who was beat by her husbend, of course, Carol found out and told Rick, but will Rick actaully be with her, lets see some momments between them:

Lots of fans were holding out for Rick and Michonne to hook up inside the walls of Alexandria, but instead it was a petite blond who caught Sheriff Grimes’ eye. That blonde is Jessie, his friendly new neighbor, who also happens to be married with children. Oops.

The chemistry between Rick and Jessie was pretty noticeable from the first time she knocked on his door, and on the March 8 episode it hit an all-time high as he leaned over and pressed a gentle kiss on her cheek at a party hosted by Deanna. There was a moment after the kiss where she looked unsure, but then she found herself smiling at Rick before walking away.

The one catch about Rick and Jessie hooking up? It’s almost all too familiar.

As you might remember, Rick’s wife, Lori, was hooking up with his best friend for quite some time after the apocalypse started because she thought her husband was dead. Even after Rick returned Shane couldn’t accept that their fling was over, and it eventually turned him into a monster — which left Rick no choice but to kill him.

If you caught the very end of the March 8 episode of The Walking Dead, there is a moment where Rick and Jessie exchange pleasantries as she is walking back into her home with her husband, Pete. When Rick sees Pete gently touch Jessie’s lower back, he reaches for the gun hidden in his belt.

Thankfully, he catches himself before doing something that would surely get him exiled from Alexandria. But, it was definitely an intense moment where you realized that as exciting as it is to see Rick caring about someone new, he still has the instinct to kill anything that threatens him.

No matter what happens with Rick and Jessie, it’s going to be so interesting to watch it unfold!

It would be weird of Shane's stuff coming back in the very same man who killed him for it. What will this turn into, even though Jesse isnt married to the man anymore, what will happen?

stole this photo from google (lol)
stole this photo from google (lol)

what will unfold of our new love triangle of Michonne, Rick, and Jesse?

Is Rick and Michonne done?

Is the love of Jesse and Rick starting and unfolding?

Tell us in the comments of what you want in the next season.


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