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As we all know, the Doctor is in. No, not that one

This one

So we know Marvel is embracing their fantasy side, right.


DeviantArter Daniel Kamarudin took this to heart, and the final product was something that can only be described as awesome.

Captain America as The Paladin

Extra Tidbit: How can he be Captain America when there is no America??

Black Widow as The Assasain

Extra Tidbit: Rejoice! Rejoice!Black Widow looks awesome

Iron Man as The Sorcerer

Extra Tidbit: But technology and sorcery are oxymorons?

Hawkeye as The Arcane Archer

Extra Tidbit: If any character is done justice, it is the Hawkguy (Yes Matt Fraction!)

Thor as Battle Cleric

Extra Tidbit: This should be the armor in Ragnarok

Hulk as The Berserker

Extra Tidbit: Spot. On.

Quicksilver as The Shadowdancer

Extra Tidbit: My Favorite Superhero gets my favorite redesign

Scarlet Witch as The Mind Bender

Extra Tidbit: That Headband thingy Though. This does the comics justice times 20

The Vision as The Eldritch Knight

Extra Tidbit: As the kids say, that is on fleek (or whatever it is)

Ultron as The Lich

Extra Tidbit: What is a Lich? Answer in the comments I'm to lazy to go to


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Which one was your favorite?


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