ByBrad Dee, writer at

Brian Michael Bendis loves to get his name around in the media, and he again succeeded with the newest issue of All New X-men that just hit the stands. In the series, the X-men from the past have been placed in the present which allows alot of stories to take place involving the characters that have recently been damaged in the Marvel universe. People were pleased with this because they didn't like the way the present X-men were being used in the comics and even felt that the damage done to these characters was irreversible. So, having the younger selves of these characters around would help with giving some fresh stories, and the fans still had the present version of the characters around to see where they would go next.

The story revolves around the aftermath of "The Black Vortex" and displays all the changes that the characters went through in that saga. Angel now has cosmic powers, and he explains in the issue why he decided to keep these powers. It was a powerful scene between him and X-23, and it shows just how much fear this man has about becoming the man he will become in the future. But, the biggest development of this issue involves Iceman coming out as homosexual. Of course, based on these developments and the way that this comic is written, this makes very little sense, and the writing of the issue even explains this. Does this mean there are two different timelines and these characters are really not the younger selves of the present heroes? Or does this mean that "all bets are off and anything is possible"? Or does this mean that Bendis just wanted to get some media attention? As a whole, the story was good and was very overshadowed by the media hype that surrounded it. It also ends with a nice cliffhanger that sets the stage for what is to come in both the next issue and following "Secret Wars". Good issue and decent art. I give this issue a 7 out of 10. Don't just read it for the controversy.


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