ByBrad Dee, writer at

Convergence continues to try and make everyone happy, but it's having a very difficult time succeeding in this. The storyline, a mash-up of everything DC has ever done has potential. The trip down memory lane. The resurrection of characters long lost. The possibilities of some of our favorites returning. Sure, we have all of that in the tie-ins, but what do we have in the main story? Honestly, not much. Convergence is beginning to show signs of being to big for its own purpose. We have characters that are obscure and never even have their names stated in the issue. Newer fans will stare in wonder at Deimos, who has appeared now in 2 consecutive parts, but his name is never stated. Why are the characters of Earth 2 following this stranger who never even had the courtesy to state who he even is? Suddenly, that realization appears in the form of the Time Masters, another group of characters who have not appeared in quite some time. Newer fans will be lost. Older fans will be frustrated. What more is there to say?

As a whole, Convergence has some amazing concepts that if done correctly, would make this series quite entertaining. But, similar to last issue there are missed opportunities. Last week, we were startled about the encounter between Thomas and Bruce Wayne that could have had a large amount of emotion. But, instead of seeing what happened, we were left with the thoughts of Dick Grayson who narrated the exchange. This issue, we have the aftermath of this meeting and Thomas Wayne's decision to help Bruce in the best possible way. How? By killing off some of his enemies in a final battle? Of course, this gives us a chance to see the return of some of Grant Morrison's characters from Batman Incorporated. But, what did this truly accomplish? Nothing at all, except for getting rid of people we really don't care about anymore. Next week, we will be at the midpoint of this saga and we will see if it will actually get better or continue to crumble under it's own weight. I am hopeful though that it can't get much worse. I give this issue a 4 out of 10.


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