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Again I will try to remain unbiased here. I am a huge Metal Gear fan. It was the first game I covered on youtube back in 2008. So I do have a certain level of hype over MGS5.

Metal Gear Solid 5 : Ground zeroes is a small game. A very small game. Some people are calling it a glorified demo. Now I cannot deny that it is small and only hardcore MGS fans or trophy hunters will get the most of it, it is however not a bad game. The story is minimal but gives us a taste of what is to come in MGS5 : The Phantom Pain.

The gameplay though is great. It is smoother and more responsive than any MGS game. This makes the stealth that these games are known for even more enjoyable.

The presentation is also another area that shines. I see this game as the appetiser to the main course which is MGS5 : The Phantom Pain.

MGS5 : The Phantom Pain will be release Sept 1st 2015 for consoles with it launching later on PC.

Originally posted on 29th March 2014.


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