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Have we displeased the dark forces? Last weekend Melissa Hunter's popular Youtube series Adult Wednesday Addams was taken off the site after the Tee & Charles Addams Foundation filed for copyright infringement. Hunter announced this news on her Facebook page and posted,

"Obviously, this is very upsetting that the videos aren't online. Wednesday means so much to me as I know she does to you. Thank you for all of your enthusiasm. Your support every step of the way has meant the world to me.”

According to The Daily Dot, by the end of its eight episode second season, the series accumulated over 8.5 million views. (

Adult Wednesday Addams dealt with Wednesday moving to Los Angeles and becoming immersed in the city's lifestyle. And covered a variety of topics from catcalling, babysitting, abortion and the devil, you know, typical stuff. Her show gained critical acclaim from publications such as People, Huffington Post, Marie Claire, and the website Buzzfeed. And it has won over many fans and loyal supporters as when word got out about the series current status there's been a surge of donations (presumably) sent to the foundation or Hunter, but she says this won't help anything.

"At this point, the Tee & Charles Addams Foundation cannot do anything to change the status of this issue, so sending messages and donations will not remedy the situation. If there is anything that can be done in support of the series, I will let you know. Thank you again for everything!"

However, the foundation hasn't flagged all of her videos. As other users have posted some of the episodes on their profiles. And if you haven't seen the series, I recommend you do so. I recently saw some of her videos and I'm ashamed that it's taken me this long to check them out.

Hopefully, this is all taken care of and we can return to watching Wednesday Addams doing what she does best, honoring the dark forces and scaring the living day lights out of mortals. I mean, look what you've done Tee & Charles Addams Foundation. You made Wednesday so upset, she's smiling!

It won't turn out good.


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