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Hi my name is Matthew Brady and I'm a movie reviewer.

Okay so your telling me that Dredd doesn't have a squeal but Paul Blart can be unfair sometimes.

The story is about the hero mall cop Paul Blart has been accepted an invitation to the Security Guard Exp in Las Vegas. He takes along daughter Maya in order to spend more time with her before she heads to college. But nothing can be easy and when Blart learns about a heist about to go down, he does everything in his power to stop it.

The first Paul Blart: Mall Cop I thought was pretty terrible and not that funny, I haven't spoke to anyone who liked the first film so why the hell is they a squeal? maybe for money well if that's the case that back fired as this movie failed at the box office so that's money down the f**king drain. Damn you HollyWood for producing movies like this only for money and nothing else just to insult your auditions who went out of they way to pay and see your movie.

The whole running joke in the movie is fat Kevin James falling over or getting hurt by many different things around him and my god dose this movie repeat it. That is bad and lazy writing right there when your only joke is that. Is that what you could think of seriously?.

The acting from everyone was bad even Kevin James just did the stick in the mood "Hey I'm Kevin James", acting like in every movie he's been in. I know Kevin James is better than this and I actually like the guy in real life and I'm not here wanting him to fail, no I want him to pick roles were he's not just playing Kevin James in his past movies.

Paul Blart is a mall cop and you think his in the mall all through out the movie, nope most of the movie his far away from the mall and he's in Vegas and he still wears the uniform and drives around in that stupid electric mall cop scooter. This movie sucks in so many ways that it sucks out the sense of humor and the lack of intelligence when it comes to it's characters and storytelling.


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