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In the Fly movies, the characters changed from human to inhuman in the span of a number of weeks. In this series, the change again is slow and progressive as the characters are forced to be quarantined for their own good in a top-secret lab. But, how will these people handle being trapped in a building knowing what they will be evolving into in the coming days. That is the question that Brandon Seifert offers us in the second issue of this limited series that serves as a sequel to the Fly 2. In the last issue, Bartok attempted to escape, but was quickly subdued by Martin and his workers. But, in the course of all this, his blood which contains the disease bathed all of these people. Will they change or will they be ok is quickly answered in this overly sexual issue.

As Martin explains in the issue, the characters will begin to first develop some type of fly hair out of sores in their bodies and also develop a type of strength that was hidden from them in the past. But, the main change will be in their sexual urges. This, this damages the issue quickly as the quarantined group begin to fulfill their sexual urges in quite graphic manner that is usually not seen in comic book form. Dildos, unprotected sex, Skype sex, and constant sexual talk emcompass almost the majority of the issue. Does it serve a purpose? Yes. Does it make the issue good? Well, thats for you to decide. But, one thing that does strive in this issue is the art. The art again displays the dread that is coming for these characters as they change from human to inhuman during the span of the 17 days that this issue encompasses. As Martin explains what will happen as the characters begin to change, the art by Menton3 displays what is happening in quite vivid and graphic detail. Some people will get turned off by this book because it was overly sexual. Some will say that the sexual aspects need to be present to help display the story. For me, I am in between on it. I get the purpose it displays because it was seen in the movies as well. I am just hopeful that the series doesn't just turn into a porno comic and the next issue returns back to what made the first issue so excellent. Great art and decent writing give this issue a 6 out of 10.


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