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The Inquisitor’s Lightsaber is truly an amazing thing, but even more amazing is how it’s supposed to work. Allow me to introduce you to a cross section of Luke Skywalker’s first Lightsaber.

Here we can see the inner workings of basically how all Lightsabers function. Now without getting overly technical I will try to explain basically how a Lightsaber functions (No reason for any of this information to be Non Canon).

Here are the basic functions in a Lightsaber (excuse the low quality)

So every Lightsaber has a small yet powerful power supply which shoots energy through the Lightsaber’s Crystals. That energy is then focused and adjusted and then shot out through the emitter where it then becomes a blade. That is the basic functionality of all Lightsabers. Now we can get to the Inquisitor’s Lightsaber it has the exact same basic functions as the Lightsaber I showed above but instead of there being one blade there are two.

This is basically how that would work…

So we still have the basic elements Power, Crystals, Focusers and Emitters. So far the Inquisitor’s Lightsaber makes perfect sense I mean after all Darth Maul had a Double bladed Lightsaber.

Now that’s cool everything is fine and dandy right? Wrong. The Inquisitor’s Lightsaber has several other functions that makes its functionality within basic Lightsaber mechanics impossible. Let’s take a look at the problems.

Problem 1

The Lightsaber emitters move out of alignment from the hilt and cannot receive the energy beams anymore.

Problem 2

The Ring on which the Emitters spin is not locked into place.

Problem 3

The spinning mechanism makes no logical sense.

Problem 4

The Ring on which the Emitters spin can be removed and used as a Ninja Star/Frisbee.

Problem 5

The Entire Circlet is an Emitter

Problem 1

The first problem with this Lightsaber has already destroyed this Lightsabers functionality.

Question how can the Lightsabers energy still get to the emitters? Is there some sort of tubing inside of the circlet channeling the energy to the emitter if so how does that work exactly? How does the energy enter the tube when the tube is spinning? And how does that energy exit the tub when its spinning? There is absolutely no logical explanation as to how this part of the Lightsaber functions.

Problem 2

The second problem with this Lightsaber is that the full circlet on which the emitters spin has the ability to become a half circle making it a hand guard which is fine and actually kind of cool. But then I noticed something you see these small Fins on the sides of the Lightsabers emitters?

Notice the First Fin notice how it is set inside of a channel on the circle/hand guard. Now look at how much of the First Fin is inside of the channel on the circle/hand guard, notice how large the Second Fin is, now compare how large both Fins are. It does not look like the Second Fin will be able to get back in the Channel that the First Fin is set in.

Here is a better design for those Fins

Notice how the Fin in this render doesn't attach, connect or even touch the circle/hand guard which now allows the Hand Guard to convert to a full circle. Also the conversion from circle to hand guard is mechanical so where exactly is the mechanism for that housed? Not in the hilt it’s not large enough to house extra things.

Problem 3

The Third problem with this Lightsaber is the spinning mechanism. Here are a few ways I think it could work and then how it couldn't actually work…

Theory 1: The Emitters are attached to a track inside of the Circlet the bottom of the track has indentations which would allow for a gear to spin the track, it functions like how a bike chain works. The problem is what spins the gear? The Lightsaber Hilt itself is not large enough to house any extra mechanisms like a motor. Additionally if there is a track how is it able to break when the circlet is converted to a hand guard? What holds the track in place when this occurs?

Theory 2: The Circlet is imbued with the Force (it actually is) and the Inquisitor is controlling the spinning through the Force. The problem is controlling the spinning whilst in the heat of battle would take tremendous concentration and a lot of training, which quite frankly I don’t believe the Inquisitor has, it is also extremely impractical.

So how exactly does this spinning mechanism work? It’s a mystery to me. Furthermore how is the spinning activated? And how is it stopped? To many questions and not a single logical answer…

Problem 4

The entire ring on which the emitters spin can be completely removed from the Hilt of the Saber and used as a Throwing Disc. My question is how? In all of the pictures I have seen thus far the Circlet is attached to the Hilt with no way of it being able to detach, also once the circlet is removed from the hilt how does it stay together as we can see in previous images the circlet can be collapsed into a half circle to make a hand guard so what exactly is keeping it together once it is removed from the hilt? The circlet does not appear to have any cutting edges so what good is it? Basically all it is a Frisbee with a giant hole in the middle of it, not very lethal unless you plan on smacking someone in the head with it…

Problem 5

The entire circlet is an Emitter. How is that supposed to work? I would think you would end up with something resembling a Tron Disc except the energy blades are the length of a Lightsaber kinda ridicules don’t you think? Also how exactly do they explain the fact the emitter breaks in two pieces whenever the circlet is converted to a hand guard? How is the energy is still carried through the emitter without it escaping at the points where the breaks occur? Seems to me like you’d want an air tight connection for that kind of thing.

Additionally have you seen any activator switches/buttons on the Inquisitors Saber? Because I haven’t and those red light things on the hilt don’t seem to serve any specific function other than aesthetic appeal, in the show they look like they are just lights unless they are touch activators but that's not logical either because the hands go right where the lights are. Also how does the spinning circlet get activated? There are no buttons for that either and when the circlet gets collapsed into a hand guard that’s all mechanical so there needs to be a button for that but I haven’t seen any, have you?

This Lightsaber should not function. It has to many functions and each function makes the other functions impossible. This Lightsaber is ridicules and cannot be explained in any logical or marginally believable way. Is the Lightsaber cool though? im sure to some people it is, but for me this Lightsaber has me asking who thought this was a good idea? And who thought people would accept this and believe this thing could actually function?

In short...

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