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Mary McMichael

One night on August 24, 1940 Lance King was admitted to Riverview Hospital in British Columbia. He was admitted there for severe cases of schizophrenia. At that time schizophrenia was a very rare case. So they did a lobotomy on Lance. He ended up getting better so he became an assistant for Ralph Luther. When he became an assistant he decided to turn to cannibalism. The reason that he did this was to impress Ralph because he was a cannibal also. Which means that brains were the only thing served at that asylum, so basically all of the patients and surgeons became cannibalistic. It was a terrible time for patients because they would choose a night where six of them would be chosen to have a lobotomy and then burn by electric shock therapy. This would happen at the haunting hour which is 3:00 a.m. Lance went insane and killed all of the patients, Ralph Luther, and all of the other surgeons. He finally ran out of brains so he terrorized the people in the town and killed all of them with a scalpel. Lance finally woke up from his nightmare that has been haunting him for years since he's been a surgeon. He decides to go to a therapist about it and when he walks into the therapist's office, the therapist looks exactly like Ralph Luther. Then he begins to freak out and looks down at the name sign on his desk and it says Ralph Luther. He says, "What's wrong Lance?" and "Come and sit down." Lance asks, "What's wrong with me?" Ralph says, "Lance, you have schizophrenia." and "Lance, I am going to write a prescription for you." Lance says, "Okay." Lance goes to leave with the prescription sheet and says, "Thanks for your time." Once he gets the medication he starts having dreams about the future and everything goes back to normal. He gets a promotion to be director of the surgeons. Then he quit seeing his therapist and the rest is history.


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