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I'd like to somehow slyly take a peek into Darren Pearson's brain even for five minutes, as I am amazed at how imaginative his short film titled Lightspeed is not only visually dark and stunning, but incredibly imaginative.

Below is the insanely creative video:

Pearson created this entire video by hand, drawing over 1000 light pantings and snapshotting them during the nighttime with a long exposure lens to make it appear as if a "person of light" was alive and moving.

Check out these amazing stills from the video:

A skeleton man in a tunnel

A floating entity flying high above the city lights

Pearson can also draw animals using light

A lion!

So reminiscent of when Dumbo gets drunk and envisions multi-colored elephants.

A man overlooking a beautiful view of the city

I hope to see more videos of Pearson's, which are filled with glowing lights, ethereal scenery, and a feeling of extreme creativity.

[Source: Vimeo]


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