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Season 4 of Girls has come to a close and it ended with gusto but while we painstakingly wait (nearly a year!!!!) for the next season, we can take a stroll down memory lane and give a shout to the guys we love so much.

1) Ray takes care of a tripped out Shoshanna

One of the all time best episodes of Girls is the one when Shoshanna unknowingly smokes crack - thinking it's weed. Ray, just a distant acquaintance to this young woman, not-so-reluctantly comes to her rescue and chases her down (pantless) through Brooklyn. A true classic, and his willingness to run full speed after her for her safety and nothing else was the first clue at what a delightful character he is.

2) Charlie's love for Marnie in the season 2 finale

Charlie always was the first grounded and humble man on the show. At the beginning his unshakeable love for this bratty young woman was cringeworthy but as they grew - especially him - he proved to be a real man. A man with real emotional intelligence and not a pitiful boy with an obsession.

This takes real guts.
This takes real guts.

3) Laird stalking Hannah through her drug-fueled bender

Granted Laird isn't one of the main "guys" of the show, but he is a beloved character. In this grand introduction Laird comes out swinging with heart and soul to keep Hannah from making the same mistakes he has.

You do you, Laird.

4) Ray's dog day

Yes, Ray is in here twice.

Remember season 2 when we spent nearly the whole episode with Ray and Adam wondering around Staten Island? It was one of our first real glimpses at the hearts and nature of the guys in Girls. Ray gets stranded with a dog who's owner he doesn't even know and together the two come to the realization that they are alone. How's that for deep and sad?

This show gets heavy.

5) Adam expresses his unconditional love for Hannah

There are dozens upon dozens of moments I could choose from in which Adam stole my heart but in season 4's finale my heart really broke. In the final episode, as Adam puts his vulnerable heart out there for Hannah to see, she turns him down. I get it. Broken hearts and all. Unrequited love that has gone on for too long. Sure we've seen Adam act like a pig but he also has one of the most sensitive hearts in the world of Girls.

*The runner up to this moment that must be noted is when Adam finds out Mimi Rose had an abortion without telling him. The devastation is crushing and finally the world sees the other side to a very difficult and gut wrenching choice.

Honorable Mentions: Elijah

The friend who, while not perfect, will always be there for you when you need to let go or get a swift kick in the butt for being a dumb-dumb.

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