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as some of you may now Seth rogen and Evan Goldberg are developing an R Rated animated film titled Sausage party . the story of the film will about one sausage who wants to find the truth about himself after falling off a shopping cart and is now on a journey through the super market a long with a bunch of food products so they can be purchased before the the 4th of July . the film will also feature the voices of Seth Rogen' Johah Hill, Salma hayek and bill hader sounds cool huh ? well the story sounds very creative and exciting but there is one little probelm ... its getting an R rating . but does it really need to get an R rating because think about how many kids are gonna want to watch this film but they can't because its R rated and some of you might say ( well kids would want to watch and R rated film because they think its "funny " ) well NO because this film will contain a lot of inappropriate jokes and cuss words . how sad will it be when their parents find out that their kids have learned bad jokes and new cuss words . to break it down lets talk about why should sausage party get a PG rating.

  • 1 -it will get a lot of criticism from educators and parents - if you think about it in the 70's there was a time when there were R rated animated films released in theaters but they were not called R rated they were called X rated I'm of course talking about Ralph Bakshi's film productions he is well known for directing films such as Heavy traffic cool world and Fritz the cat. when fritz that cat was released in theaters it received a lot of criticism from viewrs due to the fact that the crows played the roll as African American people same thing with heavy traffic and other films . so this means that Bakshi was criticized a lot because he pushed it too far with his films. will sausage party do the same ?

  • 2- the film will involving food with sex - in an interview with seth rogen he stated that the film will involve food with sex like ( wanna go have sex with the buns ?) and stuff like that . but really it just sounds so gross that they came up with this idea because it makes NO SENSE . I mean who would want to see a ham having sex with a bun or a peanut butter jar mating with a jelly jar ? ... wow seth rogen just wow first you made fun of Korean people and let them hack Sony's computers and now you are doing this just looks like sausage party will be a film that will ruin your appetite.
  • 3 it might be a low budget at the box office - when the trailer is out I have a felling that people might not just like the film because of its sex and food content and possible stupid jokes but who knows maybe some of the seth rogen fans might like it but maybe not and why ? well its because the film has just gone on a wrong path because instead of doing a kids and family film you are doing something disgusting and wrong so you may want to change your mind before doing this film SETH ROGEN AND EVAN GOLDBERG !!!.


so what do you think should Seth rogen and Evan goldberg make an R rated animated film thats gross or should they make it family friendly like it should be ?


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