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I've grown up watching horror movies, it's in my blood. Now I want to blog about my passion for them and slowly start making horror movies.

Now everyone has different beliefs on directors remaking original horror movies, but what is the big deal with them? Why does everyone get so worked up about directors remaking horror movies rather than getting excited for a classic horror story getting remade?

I, just like many of you, am a total horror movie geek. When I become older, I do hope to continue my love for horror and make movies of my own. But what will horror movies be like when I am old enough to successfully make them? Will they become trashy and cheesy to the point of not even worth watching? Or will people finally understand how horror movies should be made? Either way, everyone has their own creative twist on their horror movies, so why should the directors of remakes get critizim for doing their own creative twist on their remake?

Directors who remake classical horror movies are not harming the original at all. Yes, they may not be as good as the original, but they aren't complete garbage either. A good remake of a classic horror movie that I personally enjoyed was the newest Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie. Not only did the plot stick with the original, but it also had a nice twist to it where, spoiler alert, one of Leatherface's current victims was his cousin. A real good twist huh? But yes, not all remakes are good, some are actually pretty bad. But you can't just sterotype all horror remakes to be bad, because some are good.

Comment below your thoughts on horror movie remakes! What are your favorite and least favorite? Let me know, I would love to hear from you!


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