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Adult Beginners, directed by Oscar-nominated producer Ross Katz (Lost in Translation), focuses on two siblings, Jake and Justine (Nick Kroll and Rose Byrne) who are struggling to find their way through the irregular and unpredictable ebbs and flows of adulthood, and their troubling familial relationships.

Although it's a smaller movie, in scale, budget, and feel, its waters attempt to run deep in both comedy and drama. While it fails to fully achieve its desired goal in either genre, it doesn't fall completely short of its initial promise.

It's a far from new or innovative story - Adulthood is hard. Our parents lied. Is anyone getting this "right?" - it's still a cosy dramedy with a lot of heart that is accessible enough to comfort audience.

I got the chance to sit down briefly with the three stars of the film Nick Kroll, Rose Byrne, and Bobby Cannavale and ask them a few questions about what it really means to be an adult beginner.

While I might not be rushing back to the theaters for a second viewing, I wouldn't turn it down from my Netflix cue when I feel like I might be in need of a nice, emotional cuddle a few months down the line. It's nice and it's sweet, and that's sometimes all you really need.

Adult Beginners is in theaters and On Demand starting tomorrow, April 24, 2015. Check out the trailer for the movie below.


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