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It seems there's a rumor floating around the Internet that Marvel's Sorcerer Supreme could be making his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe a bit earlier than expected.

Bleeding Cool is reporting that there's a strong possibility Doctor Strange might make his first appearance on the small screen via the Iron Fist Netflix series that's currently slated to debut during the first part of 2016.

So here’s another from one of my similarly well connected sources, that it is planned that the character of Doctor Strange will make an appearance in Marvel’s Netflix shows.

Specifically Iron Fist.

Whether he will be played by Benedict Cumberbatch as he is in the upcoming movie scheduled for next year, or will be shown in a way that doesn’t need such a high profile actor to be on set, I don’t know. But odds are that the Cumberbatch will at least do the voice.

I'd actually be pretty surprised if Marvel chose to make Dr. Strange's first MCU appearance on a Netflix series, although seeing as how both Strange and Iron Fist will be bringing a mystical side to things, it would be quite fitting.

If Cumberbatch didn't want to make an actual physical appearance, I'm sure they could find someway to work in his voice, perhaps during a metaphysical encounter between Danny Rand and the good Doctor?

Either way, as of now, this is simply just speculation, so perhaps we shouldn't get too excited about the prospect of getting an early glimpse of Dr. Strange just yet.

Source: Bleeding Cool


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