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Earlier this month, Dark Horse Comics published one of the strangest comic book crossovers in a long time. April 15 was the street date for Archie vs Predator #1, a crossover most people thought they would never see. Strangely enough, however, this is not the first time something like this has happened, pairing up two universes that couldn't seem further apart. No one really bats an eye when you see Superman teaming up with Spider-Man or Batman with Daredevil, those pairings make sense. However, when you see something like Archie vs Predator, it just kind of makes you scratch your head and as yourself, "Am I really seeing that right?" What follows is a list of some of the strangest pairings in comic book history.

Superman vs Muhammad Ali

Long before Henry Cavill squared off against Ben Affleck in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Superman had a much different fight. Superman vs Muhammad Ali was a magazine sized comic book published in 1978. The issue was 78 pages long and featured a story where an alien race calls for a champion from Earth to fight their own champion in a pugilistic competition. Muhammad Ali and Superman both volunteer, leading to a match that would decide who was actually Earth's greatest champion. To make the match fair, Superman was temporarily relieved of his super powers. Ali beats Superman and goes on to face the alien champion.

Spider-Man vs Powdered Toast Man

Back in the 90s, Nickelodeon had one of the greatest cartoons ever created, and Marvel Comics had the tie-in rights to it. In issue 6 of The Ren and Stimpy Show comic book, Spider-Man squared off against that cartoon's own "superhero", the flatulent Powdered Toast Man, who, in the context of the show, was really just a marketing tool for a fictional breakfast product called Powdered Toast. Interesting enough, this issue was written by Dan Slott, who is currently the writer on The Amazing Spider-Man title. Could we see Powdered Toast Man back for a rematch?

Avengers and David Letterman

I would assure you that you read that right, however, this may be one of the more mild crossovers on the list. The was part of the 1984 event known as Assistant Editors' Month, and there seemed to be a fair amount of shenanigans afoot courtesy of Marvel's Assistant Editors, including Aunt May becoming the new Herald of Galactus as the Golden Oldie. Avengers 239 saw the not-yet-king-of-late-night become a superhero and assist the Avengers in taking down a minor villain named the Mechano-Maurader.

Archie Meets the Punisher

Yes, before Archie ran up against the Predator, he found himself facing the business end of the Punisher's guns when the skull-clad vigilante came to Riverdale looking for a drug dealer, who just happened to be Archie's doppelganger.

Kiss Meets the X-Men

Kiss has had a long history with comic books, mostly because founding member Gene Simmons loves both comic books and money. The earliest Kiss comics were published by Marvel in the 1970s, and the band returned to Marvel with this one-shot magazine/comic book hybrid. In what is probably the weirdest crossover of all, the comic book portion of the magazine featured a story that would unite Kiss the band with Kiss the Marvel characters from their previous Marvel titles as well as the X-Men and Doctor Strange. Apparently Wolverine took quite a liking to the band's music when they were invited to attend the concert at the end of the issue.

This is not at all a comprehensive list. There are plenty more strange crossovers out there, including one where Spider-Man teams up with the original cast of Saturday Night Live to defeat the Silver Samurai and where Batman and Robin investigate whether or not Paul McCartney was actually dead and replaced by a lookalike. Yes, friends, comics can be real treasures, but they can also be bat-crap crazy. So, what were some of the strangest comic book crossovers you ever read? Let us know in the comments.


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