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With all the hype of the newly released trailer/teaser of Dawn of Justice, I thought it would be fitting to give some insight on this teaser. This is not a review, but rather a brief viewpoint on my feelings thus far. Firstly I was not huge on Ben Affleck being Batman when I first heard the announcement, nothing against Ben personally; he seems like a genuinely great guy and I liked a lot of his projects. And to enclose on the matter, I was not cutting Ben up for the role, I was simply very skeptical, and always said to friends and colleague's that I hope he pulls it off and does a fantastic job. So far this trailer has done nothing but uplift my confidence in Ben, and with that hat's off Mr. Affleck.

That been said this was just a teaser, things could change - thus to be fair I will reserve my full review until the final product has been viewed. And so far nothing has been viewed via Gal Gadot's role as Wonder Woman in the trailer, nor Jason Momoa as Aquaman - hence I will not comment on their characters as of yet in correlation to this trailer/teaser. Henry Cavill looked outstanding and I think he will continue to do so in Dawn of Justice. Until the next trailer, be 'Super' to one another!


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