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I'm just an anime obsessed geek that also so happens to be a weapon enthusiast
Colton TheDoctor Douglas

So, TJ Smith decided to ask me some questions, and though I didn't want to do it I think it could be fun.

1. As a self proclaimed weapons enthusiast what would your preferred weapon of choice be in the follow 3 instances: Zombie apocalypse, If you were in the anime world of Bleach, and walking down the street on a Tuesday just because?

In a zombie apocalypse I would want a AA-12, which is a fully automatic shotgun. If I was was in the world of Bleach I would definitely want a Katana, one with the point of balance right at the Tsuba. With the point of balance at the Tsuba you could move the blade easily and quickly. I always carry a Bowie knife with me where ever I go, so that's what I'd take on a Tuesday. Though my Ninjato would be a good choice too.

This is the Ninjato,and I actually have one! LOL.
This is the Ninjato,and I actually have one! LOL.

2. Realistically how long do you think you would have survived in the realm of SAO if it was real?

That's a hard one. I would most likely have joined a guild like the knights of the blood oath so I always have back up. Though if that prevented from leveling up as quickly as I could solo I would strike out on my own. I'd say I would probably last at least 6 months of the two years they were stuck in the game.


3. Do you really want to see Tobey M aguire back as Spider-Man or would you rather see another version of the wall crawler and why?

Tobey Maguire was, and always will be, my favorite Spider-Man.

Andrew Garfield FAILED! #MaguireWasBetter!#MaguireWasBetter!" title="Andrew Garfield FAILED! !">
Andrew Garfield FAILED! !

What I'd like to see would be a much tougher and more serious Spider-man though, a Spider-man not afraid of getting his hands dirty. I do NOT want to see another high school Spider-Man.

Well I hope you enjoyed reading this even though I trailed off a bit LOL. To everyone who reads this know that I have a YouTube channel, where I post all kinds of nerdy and insane videos.

This right here is one of my best YouTube videos.

I Hope to see you there. :)


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