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SPOILERS...There you'e been warned. If there's one thing Arya has never ceased to remind us, it's that this show has characters we want dead. Here they are in order from least to greatest...the top 10 people we want dead on Game of Thrones (as of Season 5 episode 2...this list is subject to change).

10. Theon Greyjoy:

-Betrayed Robb Stark

-Killed Rodrick Cassel

-Tried to find and kill Bran and Rickon Stark

9. Ramsey Bolton:

-For being absolutely crazy

8. Lady Melisandre, AKA "The Red Woman":

-Birthed a demon that killed Renly Baratheon

-Whispers into Stannis' ear about religious extremism

-Wanted Gendry dead

7. Ilyn Payne:

-Actually killed Ned Stark (though we all truly blamed Joffrey for that)

6. Meryn Trant:

-Possibly killed Syrio Forel

-Slapped Sansa Stark

-Always stood up for Joffrey

-Spoke against Tyrion at the trial

5. Gregor Clegane, AKA "The Mountain":

-Ruined everyone's summer by killing Oberyn Martell

-Killed countless peasants for the Lannisters

4. Darth Maul White Walker:

-Turns babies into zombies

-Threatens the lives of all the characters we care about

3. Walder Frey:

-Betrayed the Starks

-Provided the concert venue for the Red Wedding

2. Roose Bolton:

-Headlined at the Red Wedding...thereby betraying Robb Stark

-Directly took the life of Robb Stark

1. Cersei Lannister:

-Cheated on Robert Baratheon with Jaime Lannister

-Used the words "little dove" way too many times

-Fathered Joffrey

-Failed to get a grip on Joffrey

-Mourned for Joffrey

-Hated on Tyrion

-Has a bounty on Tyrion's head

Well, there you have it. Who do you want on this list? Leave your suggestions...


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