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Mike Grell is my favorite Green Arrow writer, The Longbow Hunters is my favorite Green Arrow story, and Shado is one of my favorite Green Arrow supporting characters. I was very disappointed that Shado was never used in Smallville when Green Arrow became a major character on that series, and I was uber-excited when she showed up on Arrow, only to be disappointed again when she was killed off before ever actually becoming the character from the comics. Now I find myself excited again at the prospect of Shado being able to return, at least in a fashion, now that it has been revealed that Shado actually has an identical twin sister named Mei, who Oliver met during his time in Hong Kong during the current season's flashbacks.

Shado from Arrow!
Shado from Arrow!

Now, first of all, this is 100% speculation and a fair amount of nerd wishing on my part, but I find myself wondering, why give Shado a twin sister at all? Why not just a sister? Or, as meeting Mei really hasn't had any significance to the plot of the flashbacks, apart from offering Oliver a place to hideout briefly, why have a familial connection to Shado at all? Either it was just to tease fans of the character, like myself, or they could actually have something planned for Mei. What this could be is only subject to speculation at this point, and speculating I am. I had hoped since Shado was introduced during the first season flashbacks that she would end up in the present as the Shado we all know from the comic books, but that didn't happen and Shado was killed off by Professor Ivo in season 2. But what if the Shado from the island wasn't really the Shado from the comic books at all? Arrow has changed certain characters significantly for their universe, most notably Eddie Fyers who was a villain in season 1 and an ally of both Oliver Queen and Connor Hawke in the comics, so it isn't beyond the realm of possibility that the producers could have plans for a slightly altered Shado in the television series.

So what if Shado does turn up in the present next year? And what if we find out that, after Oliver gave her confirmation that her family was, in fact, dead, that Mei began to train herself (if she didn't already have mad archery skills to begin with, I mean, Yao Fei was her father too, after all) and went on a vengeance seeking mission, trying to find out exactly what happened to her father and sister, maybe not knowing that Fyers and Ivo were both already dead? Shado was a major character in both Mike Grell and, more recently, Jeff Lemire's runs on the book, and she has been cemented in the mythology as a pretty important character. I think leaving Shado where she is would be a mistake, and I think Mei is a perfect candidate to take up the role her sister played in the comics. She could use "Shado" as a sort of code name, to honor her sister.

In the newer comics written by Jeff Lemire, Shado had a daughter with Rober Queen, unknown to Oliver and his family, named Emiko. Emiko was revealed in The New 52: Future's End to become the future Green Arrow, and had become something of Oliver's sidekick at the end of Lemire's run, wearing something very similar to her mother's outfit. Now, this all seems to have been discarded when Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino left the book, but it does give precedence for their being a Shado II, and I think Mei can fill this role in the show, although she would be the only Shado as a superhero in the continuity of the series. As I said, this is all just speculation on my part, and we will just have to wait and see how this all plays out next year, if they do anything with it at all. But I think leaving the character as she is now, dead, is a huge mistake on the part of the producers as she is such a great character and deserves more than the honorable mention that she pretty much got on the island. What do you guys think? Would you like to see Mei become the Shado of the comics? Let us know in the comments section.


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