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Tyler Easterday

Ex Machina is one of those rare sci-fi thrillers that works on a minimal level, but still delivers. To be sincere, this is not a thought-piece on the film. I'm speaking merely from the most universal level that I can because this one film that will forever remain ambiguously unforgettable.

The movie presents sci-fi in the minimal format it has been long deprived of. There are only about three main characters, each with very broad archetypes. The plot circles around these three(one of which being an A.I. femme fatale) and their descent into crossing the lines of humanity and technology. This is a classic theme of science fiction, but the erotic representation of the dystopian themes made them very hard to ignore.

This film is whatever one wants it to be thematically, but it's hard to not see something refreshingly strong in the allure of the story's droll humor and surprising humility of genre. One could call it a blender-mix of 'Her' and 'Under the Skin', but there's a black comedy throughout the dialogue that differentiates it from many science fiction flicks of our time. I give it three thumbs up(the third thumb is a defect on my newly replaced bionic arm).

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