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Alright I have been tagging a couple of people and now its my turn, Mr. Samuel James Harries has given me my tasker so here it goes...

1. Your Moviepilot bio says that you are a chef by trade. What in your opinion is the best movie about your profession?

Great question, any Chef will tell you that if you don't love this business you won't last. You burn out really quick, just like many other job its long hours and sore feet plus the server gets all the credit good or bad (which can be a blessing in disguise). But when you pour your heart out on a plate for a complete stranger and you get not so much as a thank you it can get to you. The movie that best encapsulates the true heart and passion it takes to be a Chef... Notice I said Chef not a cook, or a burger flipper, or any other variation that any high school kid can get to save up for prom. I mean Chef, someone who has dedicated their life to food and serving others. The movie that best captures that spirit is none other then "Chef" staring Jon Favearu.

The struggles he goes through, although hyped up a bit for Hollywood are struggles we as Chef's face everyday. From trying to please the guest, balancing the delicate balance between the front and back of the house. (which if you didn't know is a real struggle waitstaff and kitchen staff don't like each other generally) And once you get past chain and fast casual restaurants where you really have to apply your ability and creativity for menus that change anywhere from once every three months, to once a week trying to keep customers happy without sacrificing the soul of your food its a real challenge. -BREATH TJ BREATH- Okay i'm back to neutral but anyway yeah Chef for me does it, and on days when I'm like forget it i'm gonna go sell insurance I watch it get a good laugh and get back on my grind. Also if you want to watch a hilarious show about Chef's, the show "Whites" on Hulu is amazing awesome check out my favorite clip below.

2. You have a great post about cosplay. So, I'm wondering... Who would you attend Comicon as if you had practically unlimited funds to create a costume?

Now this is a good question and a tough one, but I have given this a ton of thought. Like I said in my article about cosplayers which you can read HERE I have never cosplayed myself but if I did I have an epic lineup in mind. So in honor of the fact that Phoenix Comic-Con is coming up next month I will give you the four day line up I wish I could be wearing during it. I won't do pictures because that would take me to long so google them yourselves and let me know what you think. Day 1 would be Iron Shadow Dragon Slayer Mode Gajeel Redfox when he stomped on Rogue at the Grand Magic Games. Day 2 would be Greed from Full Metal Alchemist, the version of him when he first faced off against Edward when only half his face and arms from the biceps down turned into his ultimate shield form. Day 3 would be my Mona Lisa, I would do a full armor build for Big O, yes the giant robot. I'm already 6'4" so some platform boots would make it look even more amazing lol. Finally for day 4 while everyone is coming down from their respective fandom highs I would be walking around as the Justice Lords version of Green Lantern John Stewart, because he always looked cooler that way to me.

3. If you had the power to bring any story line into the DC cinematic universe after Batman vs Superman, what would it be?

Any question is a loaded question, there are some many great one's to chose from. Some of my favorites are: The Flashpoint Paradox, Batman's Brother Eye/OMAC Saga, the Checkmate series, and the Trinity of Sin. But one that I would love to see brought to life is one that I randomly picked up at a Love's truck stop on audio book. "The Flash: Stop Motion" by Mark Schultz, short version: It center's around Wally West, he is tracking a genetically engineered creature called the Super Luminoid. It hunts Meta-Humans, and people with the trait and harvest the thing in their brains that holds the Meta-Human gene looking for a suitable host to mate with. Problem is he not only kills the host, but every time he jumps/speeds off he tears through dimensions, destroying the ones he leaves, but not without pulling all kinds of weird stuff through with him. Okay enough go check it out its great you will love it or someone else is gonna hear I bought it because I'm bias and don't want to hear negativity about it lol.

Well that's it for me hope you enjoyed the read and enjoyed learning a bit about me since I already tagged some one I won't tag anyone this time but if you want a go let me know and I'll come up with something. Later.


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