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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
Jancy Richardson

Have you ever innocently clicked onto Chatroulette, only to find that the fun game of chatting to new people descended into a hellish horror movie scenario?

These people have... check out some of the creepiest, weirdest, most WTF moments from deepest darkest Chatroulette!

The Last Exorcism

OK, this was actually a viral marketing stunt on Chatroulette to promote the movie The Last Exorcism but it's pretty effective! The look on those guys' faces...

The Creepy Man

I don't know what he's doing but I know I want him to stop it.

The Voice From Hell

Oh God. It's like the creepy voice from the cupboard in The Sixth Sense and that freaked me out no end as a kid...


Dude, what the hell?

Demon Dog

Wow, Cujo sure got a lot smaller.

Neo Nazis

Yeah, I wouldn't be too happy about running into these racist lunatics, even online.

Scare Bear and Goon Face

I'm sure these guys became firm friends after discovering their shared love for weird-looking gimp masks.


This would definitely make me jump!

If you think that the unpredictable weirdness of Chatroulette (and similar apps) would make good material for a horror movie - you'd be right! Check out the trailer for The Den...

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