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Winston Boye Doe

A family entertainer but better suited to children than for all ages.

Director: Tim Johnson

Cast: Rihanna, Jim Parsons, Jennifer Lopez, Steve Martin

Rating: ***

What it's about: When the hive-minded Boov led by their shushing Captain Smek (Steve Martin), make their way to Earth as their new home, they think ferreting all the planet's humans into one continent (Australia) will make them happy. So does Oh (Jim Parsons), a Boov that's something of a misfit in the scheme of things. His longing for companionship sets him apart from other Boov. When his housewarming party invite gets sent to the entire galaxy, Smek blames Oh and exiles him, but he escapes. The charge? That his email would've gone out to their enemies - the Gorg - as well. But because it has to travel several light years, there's still time to stop the email. But without a password, all they can do is wait till they crack it. Meanwhile, Oh discovers Gratuity 'Tip' Tucci (Rihanna) and her cat and the two look for her mom (Jennifer Lopez). The craziness that follows is what this film is about.

What's hot: The voice casting is perfect. While Rihanna is endearing as Tip, there's a lot of The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon in Oh and there's no mistaking that. Steve Martin is brilliant as the King Julian-like Smek. The animation is eye-catching for sure and you can't help but crack up at Oh's confusion at discovering his dance moves or at the cat's facial expressions. There's not too many pop culture references, so by that measure, you're not too lost in the woods.

What's not: Maybe, the story is a little too simplistic for its own good. Maybe the target audience was just children and young adults. This one may be a family entertainer, but the for-all-ages tag doesn't sit easily with it. Accompanying adults might not find it too much to their liking.

What to do: If you're looking for a good, clean, simple yet entertaining fare to take your family or your kids to, this is it. More than once? Well, that depends on you, no?

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