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There has been a fresh glut of movie to television show projects recently, including 12 Monkeys, From Dusk Til Dawn and Fargo, however perhaps the most exciting adaptation could be the upcoming horror series, Ash Vs The Evil Dead.

The project, which will star Bruce Campbell in his most famous role, also includes many of the creative brains behind the original film series, including director Sam Raimi and producer Rob Tapert. Indeed, the trio recently posed for a photo which also teased the return of his iconic Oldsmobile. Unfortunately, he didn't bring along his boomstick. Check it out below:

Eric Walkuski of Joblo also took part in a conference call with Campbell, Raimi and Tapert to discuss the Starz television series. As well as the nuggets of information, he learned that Ash Vs The Evil Dead will use an interesting semi-anthology format. Tapert explained:

"There is an overarching plot, but each episode is telling a self-contained story. The characters themselves are on a bigger journey, so those who turn in every week will be rewarded, but the casual viewer can come in and out and kind of get what's going on. One of the reasons we decided we wanted to do a half-hour is we thought that this was a breakneck pace that the movies often had, and that really was the right format for the world of television, for this particular project. So I think that anybody can kind of join in, but those who love it will be able to see where it's heading and have hopes and expectations about the outcome."

Furthermore, Campbell revealed a little bit of what we can expect from his older Ash Williams:

"He is a basket case. Ash is potentially damaged goods, and god forbid this is our hero. which is what really appeals to me personally as an actor. You know, you have a lead guy who in Army of Darkness was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of people because he couldn’t remember three words. This is a guy who has to save the entire world. So I’m excited to see what will happen."

Ash Vs The Evil Dead is due to premiere in fall 2015.

Source: Joblo


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